Virtual Badge: Trust, But Verify
Has your organization run into issues with matching contractor work to their invoices?  We'd all like to think that people will be honest with us, but this isn't always the case.  Without being able to look back and verify work that's been completed, people sometimes are able to get away with billing extra or false hours.

With more and more temp workers on-site, it could be useful to be able to track job completion statuses and hours on-site.  This way it'll be easy to audit invoices that look too high or strange.  Virtual Badge can help your organization with this.  Track the work done on-site and compare this data to what your people bill you.  Stop having misunderstandings and improve your bottom line because smart badges put you in control.
Audit Completed Work More Easily With Virtual Badge
Issue Virtual Badges to your workers and contractors so you can stay in contact with them and audit their work tasks more easily.
Track time on-site and completed tasks.  Virtual Badge can help you document all job-site activities your people do.
Easily sort through the jobs your people complete and their time on-site so you can compare with any invoices to ensure accuracy.