A Unified Vision: Business Lessons and Wisdom for Living

A Unified Vision: Business Lessons and Wisdom for Living

A Unified Vision: Business Lessons and Wisdom for Living

There are many parallels between running a successful business and a life well-lived. Business success requires action, attention to detail, and knowing when to reach out for help. These principles also apply to life. No one can thrive in a vacuum, in business or in life outside the workplace. One of the most important lessons a business professional can learn is the importance of delegation and shared responsibilities, not only for the improvement of the business but for stress reduction and the prevention of burnout.

When and What to Delegate

It may be tempting to try to take on everything independently to save money, but this often leaves entrepreneurs worn out and ineffective. As in other areas of life, delegating tasks outside your skillset — such as bookkeeping, marketing, and payroll — saves you time, your sanity, and even money.

Outsourcing should be viewed as a means of preserving energy. For instance, using a formation service to file as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) is an affordable, time-saving way to accomplish this task. You may also want to consider delegating your security and access measures to Virtual Badge, which utilizes state-of-the-art tech to ensure safety in your business’s authentication processes. Delegating marketing tasks to a freelancer or a marketing firm can be a practical use of funds and will likely pay off quickly.

Delegating in your personal life may mean hiring someone a few hours per week to clean your home or hiring a personal assistant for tasks such as grocery shopping. Consider using smart devices like Alexa or artificial intelligence to assist with daily tasks and reminders. By delegating personal and professional tasks, you can spend more time connecting with others and having a well-rounded life.


Connection with others is vital for your emotional health. Make sure you reach out to friends and loved ones weekly. Plan virtual check-ins to stay updated on the lives of people you care about. That connection will bolster your relationships.

Just like we need family and friends in our personal lives, our businesses are far more successful when we reach out to fellow business members. Reach out to other businesses to coordinate events. If your region hosts festivals or annual gatherings, rent a booth where you can offer pamphlets about your business and free merchandise bearing your logo and contact information. Business relationships are an important aspect of professional growth and success, just as relationships with people in our personal lives bring enrichment and joy.

Building Trust

Often those who help others experience greater joy and satisfaction in life. Commit time and resources to help people in need. Whether you donate to local charities or help at food pantries, your contributions to improve the lives of others are well spent. Choose causes that have meaning for you and your value system. There are countless organizations that could use your assistance, from animal shelters to literacy programs. Your contribution could change lives while helping others will improve yours.

Use your business as a platform to help local charities by donating a percentage of proceeds routinely. Giving behaviors can help you build trust in your community. Just as you would go out of your way to help friends with their needs, your business has the capacity to help customers and the community at large, which benefits everyone.

Your business and your personal life can succeed when you learn to delegate, share responsibilities, establish relationships, and assist others with their needs. These parallels between a good life and a successful business can impact you and the long-term endurance of your business.
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