Improve Communication and Coordination

Expand your emergency response capabilities by improving the speed and scope of operations.

  • Rapidly issue badges to anyone working on the incident and communicate with them at any time.

  • Real-time communication increases coordination and reduces response times for operations.

  • Virtual Badge's patented technology works in a 100% disconnected environment.

Accountability, Security & Safety

Virtual Badge will help you know Who is in your restricted area, Where they are, and What they are doing

  • Manage identities, hours, and work tasks to improve accountability and documentation.

  • Control access to any restricted area, anywhere. Only a smartphone is required.

  • Optionally track the locations of Virtual Badges to increase safety while in the field.

Surf the Data Tsunami, Don't Get Washed Away

Find the critical information easier with Virtual Badge. Start making better decisions, quicker.

  • Create a custom database and get rid of pen and paper documentation.

  • Rapidly perform damage assessments, POD delivery documentation, and other any other important surveying.

  • Easily send Virtual Badge data to 3rd parties to improve coordination and expedite reimbursement.

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