Badge Anyone for Any Job

Keep track of everyone on the job: employees, contractors, visitors, and more. Virtual Badge easily allows you to issue badges to anyone working under your organization.

  • Issue badges for a new job-site quicker and easier than before. Employees & contractors self-register their information, you approve their badge, and they begin work.

  • Manage job-sites remotely. Project executives have access to Virtual Badge data in real-time and can communicate status updates to superintendents.

  • Store licenses, permits, and important contractor information in Virtual Badge. If anyone asks, you can easily produce a report that shows you are in compliance.

Access Control, Anywhere

Your job-sites could be located anywhere, so Virtual Badge can follow you where traditional systems can't. Control access with just a smartphone.

  • Virtual Badge only requires a smartphone to control access. No badge printers, stations, checkpoints, and scanners required. Even if they don't have their own smartphone, Virtual Badge still keeps track.

  • Virtual Badge will record how long each person is on-site. At the end of every day, you can download a report that shows hours spent on-site for each employee, contractor, or participating organization.

  • Because Virtual Badge is a mobile solution, you can't lose, fake a badge, or use an expired one. When the job is complete, your Virtual Badges will expire and you can issue new ones.

Improve Daily Productivity

Replace annoying paperwork with Virtual Badge Forms. Need to record what someone did today? Add a work log. Materials arrived late? Snap a photo and add a materials delivery form. Need manager approval? Send in a request with Virtual Badge.

  • Capture, log, and send daily reports of work performed on-site with Virtual Badge Forms. Collect any type of data and instantly update stakeholders with progress reports, photos, and other project information.

  • No more notepads, 1970's technology, and lost paperwork. From access records to safety incident reports, Virtual Badge will be your data repository to store job-site data.

  • All Virtual Badge information is tied to the user who submitted it. Use Virtual Badge as an audit log to improve the accountability and performance of your employees and contractors.

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