Eliminate Credentialing Headaches

Maintain compliance for your healthcare reps. Virtual Badge is simplified credential management.

  • Secure, HIPAA compliant storage keeps credentials up to date in real-time, and badges are issued and approved remotely.

  • Store all testing, training, and administrative credentials and receive email and app notifications when they need to be updated.

  • Your reps can store multiple access badges in their smartphone. Less badges = Less Expenses.

Increase Safety & Security

Improve access control and situational awareness at your facility with Virtual Badge.

  • Improve Visitor and Vendor management with a simple smartphone badging solution.

  • Eliminate badging fraud and prevent unauthorized access. Expired credentials will never work.

  • Upgrade facility security and decrease investigation times with a secure badging system.

Improved Accountability

Improve the accountability of your organization by keeping better records and reducing fraud.

  • Replace pen and paper documentation for healthcare reps with Virtual Badge forms.

  • Stop clinician fraud during homebound visits by improving their accountability and logging their visits.

  • Improve the safety and efficiency for "positive" contact programs for remote employees.

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