Easier and Smoother Running Events

Use Virtual Badge to easily manage registrations and access to your events.

  • Avoid long lines and registration nightmares by issuing and approving badges remotely.

  • Control access to events located anywhere, any time. Virtual Badge is not limited by connectivity and badging stations.

  • Download analytics and reports to gain insights for future event planning.

Boost Engagement

Virtual Badge is the perfect solution to increase the engagement of your members and customers.

  • Issue VIP badges to create exclusivity for your events. Virtual Badge is an easy way to control access.

  • Instantly receive customer feedback, suggestions, and requests via Virtual Badge forms.

  • Send messages and notifications to your badge-holders to boost member engagement and communication.

Make it easier for your Staff

Virtual Badge will eliminate event management headaches for you and your staff.

  • Control access with a smartphone app. Virtual Badge is simple to learn and easy to use.

  • Your staff won't have to worry about fake badges and lost revenue. Scan a badge to prove it's real.

  • Using Virtual Badge to manage your event keeps your staff informed of what's going on.

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