Contractor Management Made Easy

Virtual Badge helps you validate contractor work. Contractor identity management, documentation, and photo verification all in one app.

  • Increase security for your facilities and job-sites. Virtual Badge prevents card sharing, theft, and the loss of cards.

  • Virtual Badge lets you easily assign jobs and validate work progress. Know who is doing the work and how long they did it for.

  • Make sure the people doing work for you have the correct licenses and documentation. Virtual Badge will send an alert if a credential is out of date.

Improve Your Field Operations

Improve the management and efficiency of utility field operations with Virtual Badge. Streamline installations and maintenance to increase the productivity of your utility.

  • Improve Meter Service with Virtual Badge forms that can update your internal asset management system though our secure API.

  • Easily and quickly perform field inspections for unauthorized pole attachments, environmental surveying, and more.

  • Increase the safety and accountability of field workers by optionally tracking their locations during work hours.

Faster, Safer, Cheaper

Finish your projects under budget, safely and ahead of schedule. Virtual Badge simplifies your workflows, provides accountability, and increases coordination and efficiency.

  • Easily manage contractor jobs, assignments, and hours to increase the speed of AMI Deployment projects.

  • Perform Account Reconciliation by auditing field production data to increase billing accuracy and revenue.

  • Rapidly survey damage to the grid after a storm event or other natural disaster and task the right resources to the right areas.

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