Visitor Management

Use Virtual Badge to easily manage visitor access to your small club, association, or facility.

  • Improve your branding, impress guests, and eliminate hassles with an all-electronic badging system.

  • Virtual Badge is based in the cloud, so you can access visitor logs and reports from anywhere.

  • Keep your members and visitors informed by sending messages and notifications to their badges.

A Badge for Every Purpose

Clubs, Classes, Groups, Churches, Community Service, and more. Virtual Badge helps you manage people easier than ever before.

  • Create your membership list quickly and easily. Use Virtual Badge to manage registrations, access, and renewals.

  • Issue special badges for special purposes. Create exclusivity because their Virtual Badge gives them more access.

  • Keep attendance at club meetings, send out feedback surveys, and generate useful statistics about your members.

Simple Team Management

Improve the coordination of your team and improve your organization by using Virtual Badge.

  • Quickly setup a team, accomplish the task, and export the information with Virtual Badge.

  • Virtual Badge forms are sent in real-time, so you can make better decisions, quicker.

  • Use reports generated by Virtual Badge activity to gain insights into ways to improve your organization.

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