Welcome to our blog! We are the Virtual Badge team, a subdivision of Disaster Solutions LLC – a disaster relief organization – and this is our very condensed story.


Our parent company started as (and still is!) a disaster relief organization for our team to go out to impacted areas and help out with organizing volunteers into a force to not only find out the needs of the local populace but help distribute food and other necessary items.

During that time, we developed an application to helps us capture data as well as identify the proper personnel resources on the ground. We ended building this app into a solid workforce management that helped us tremendously throughout our various deployments such as Hurricanes Maria, Irma, Matthew, and Joaquin to name a few.

We realized then that this solution could be used to help people in the private sector. But how?


Our team started talking to stakeholders at construction companies, utility corporations, and healthcare companies. We found they had very similar requirements when it came to the way they managed contractors and their credentials.


Basically, when it came down to it, we realized that we can help in three departments:

  • Solve Identity and Workforce Management Headaches
  • Improve your communication and coordination
  • Know who your workers are, where they went, and what they did


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Thanks for following along while we summed up our experiences and the story of who we are and what we do, hopefully, you’ll tag along for the journey!

So we plan on using this blog to talk about ways to improve your business through simplified management solutions as well as improving your business’ security processes whether you are a Healthcare company or a construction company. We might even bring a few stories about bypassing conventional badge security, so please feel free to share your experiences as well!