With Virtual Badge, you can identify and coordinate your people using just your smartphone. Virtual Badge helps you save time and money by managing your workforce remotely and keeping important information at your fingertips.

Workforce Management

Workforce management software helps make life easier for all employees through increased efficiency and productivity. Workforce management software helps put the right people on the right tasks while letting supervisors get a bird's eye view of the operation as a whole.

Workforce management encompasses quite a few items: time tracking, payments, identity management, onboarding, attendance, job tracking.

Why Use Workforce Management?

Workforce management, especially in the modern world, is necessary to the success of any organization. But workers expect more than just being bossed around, being able to access their tasks and schedule from their phone is important to a workforce that turns younger by the year.

Virtual Badge

Virtual Badge is the first smartphone-based ID card system. Combine identity and workforce management to solve headaches at your organization. Virtual Badge connects your entire organization to improve productivity and coordination. Make your organization’s processes easier with smartphone badges. Issue IDs, store credentials, collect data, and more, all from your smartphone. Virtual Badge is a solution to a wide variety of people and data management issues. Ranging from onboarding and data collection to job routing and dispatch, our solutions improve the communication and coordination for your organization.