Virtual Badge: Where Is My Stuff?
Have you ever had to deal with supply deliveries that were either late or went to the wrong job-site?  Did you end up just re-ordering the shipment and eating that cost?  Is it annoying sometimes for your vendors to locate the job-site?  Any missed supply delivery can really hurt the bottom line because of delays.

Virtual Badge can help you know where each drive and shipment are located, and if they have the right supplies with them.  When they arrive you can verify their shipments for accountability and back-office purposes.  Something didn't arrive?  Document it so you can tell the supplier later.  Driver lost?  Use Virtual Badge to route him to the correct job-site.  Smart badges help you gain more visibility on your supplies and logistics.​​​
Locate And Track Supply Deliveries More Easily 
Issue Virtual Badges to your vendors and drivers so you'll know who is delivering supplies, where they are going, and when they'll arrive.
Route vendors easily to the right destination and document supply deliveries with Virtual Badge so you can make sure that the right materials get to the right job-site.
Use collected vendor delivery info for accountability, efficiency, and logistics purposes to save time and eliminate issues.