Mobile workforce management is still a relatively young field thanks to the introduction of devices that have become prevalent in our daily lives. Let’s see how cell phones and tablets have changed the way workforce management is tackled.

Time & Attendance Tracking

With paper-based tracking, it is very easy for employees to write inaccurate times that benefit them and not the employer in the long run not to mention the inefficiencies that come along with such a system. With mobile devices, it’s easy to automatically track when employees get to work and when they leave whether it’s one office or multiple project sites.

Scheduling and Rostering

Just like with paper-based tracking, trying to wrestle down the schedules of multiple employees becomes a complicated affair. With a more automated and integrated workforce management solution, it’s easy to have employees that know exactly when and where there are supposed to be to get the job done.

Managing Absences

With paper tracking, it is very possible to not know that an employee is missing until way after it happened which means work suffers and there isn’t a quick way to bring in a worker to replace one that no one knows is missing yet. That was true until the advent of mobile devices at least, with a mobile workforce management solution it is pretty easy to know who is on the project site at the click of a button which lets you, the manager, call in a replacement for that worker.