Virtual Badge Is Your Credentialing Companion
Is managing required healthcare credentials for your people really difficult?  With a lot of employees, contractors, and vendors, managing personnel records, storing credentials, and ensuring compliance can be a tough challenge.  It can be a pain to keep track of expiration dates and make sure that your organization has proof for every training course and certification your people receive.

Virtual Badge takes the headaches out of managing credentials for your organization.  Instead of dealing with paperwork, making phone calls, and never really knowing if an employee or vendor is compliant, Virtual Badge manages these tasks for you.  Issue smart badges that let your people upload their credentials and have their training and certification expiration dates be managed automatically.  It's that easy.
Virtual Badge: Your Credentialing Companion
Issue Virtual Badges to your people and require them to upload all relevant redentials.
Your people can easily display their Virtual Badge to show their compliance and they'll be notified when a credential is about to expire.
Virtual Badge lets your organization manage credentials more easily, know when to re-issue badges, and track expiration dates.