Your Personal Assistant
Dealing with tons of requests from the people you manage can be really difficult.  Sending communications, messages, and dealing with requests can take up lots of your time, especially if you don't have an easy way to look up information and send it out.  If your organization has lots of temporary workers, contractors, or visitors, the problem gets magnified by a lot.

Imagine having access to all the people in your organization at all times.  No more searching through excel lists to find contact information, and no more group texts and phone calls to coordinate your people.  Manage your people and their information easily and remotely.  Virtual Badge is your personal assistant in your pocket.
Spend Less Time Managing People And More Time Working On Your Jobs
Issue badges to your workers' smartphones.  No printers, scanners, or expensive hardware required.
Manage your badge-holders remotely, issue temporary badges easily, and manage your people from your smartphone.
Know what your people are working on and respond to any issues quickly.  Virtual Badge is your personal assistant in your pocket.