Virtual Badge Is Your Personal Bat Signal
Are your workers driving you insane by calling you 1,000 times a day?  Are you having a tough time dealing with issues and knowing where you need to be?  Are people calling you for things that you really shouldn't need to be bothered for?  You're basically Batman, so you need a Bat Signal that lets you know when and where you're needed.

Virtual Badge can be your Bat Signal.  Instead of managing tons of phone calls and voicemails, let your workers use Virtual Badge to submit updates, requests, and important job-site information directly to your phone.  Instead of dealing with 1,000 conversations, you can deal with the important stuff that matters to you.
Virtual Badge:  Respond To Issues Faster With Your Bat Signal
Issue Virtual Badges to your people and connect your field workers to your back-office.
When issues occur, your field workers can send Virtual Badge requests to you that instantly let you know where you need to be and what you need to do.
Virtual Badge helps you respond to issues quicker and more efficiently so you can provide better customer service and get more jobs done.