Improve the Safety, Security & Communication for your
Youth Sports Association 
Virtual Badge lets you know who is on the field at all times. 
Make sure your coaches are vetted, and communicate with your members easier. 
Issue Virtual Badges Now!
Virtual Badge is available anywhere, anytime.  Smartphone ID cards can increase security and save labor costs & time associated with vetting coaches and issuing badges.
Virtual Badge can help your youth sports association anywhere, anytime.  With Virtual Badge, your sports association can be connected at all times.  Improve the safety of your members by using Virtual Badge as proof your coaches have been background checked, and let everyone know of important updates, such as rain delays or special events.
Coordinate Complex Projects & Mobile Workers With Virtual Badge
Remote Onboarding
Use your smartphone to onboard coaches remotely. Issue badges with the Virtual Badge app to save time.
Payment Processing
Use the Virtual Badge payment gateway to make it easier to take payments for badges, teams and events.  
Compliance Documentation
Manage compliance documentation and other details easier because Virtual Badge helps you keep track.
Background Checks
Background checks provide assurance that your coaches have been properly screened and are safe. 
Event Management
Manage projects from your smartphone.  Know what happened every day and respond to issues quicker.
Attendance Tracking
Virtual Badge helps you know which coaches were at each event and how long the event lasted.
Announcements & Messages
Keep in contact with coaches and members by sending messages with Virtual Badge.  No more group texts.
Reports & Exports
Easily create reports for your events, members, and coaches so you know where and how to improve.
Improve Youth Sports Safety
Virtual Badge was designed to help you improve safety and security for youth sports activities.  Know that your coaches have been vetted and communicate important updates to your teams and members.  Virtual Badge can help your youth sports association spend less time managing people, and more time enjoying sports.
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