Improve Youth Sports Safety
Knowing who should be on the field is really important.
Virtual Badge makes it easier for you to ensure your coaches and staff are screened.
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Making sure that everyone has been properly screened to participate in your youth sports association can be difficult.  Virtual Badge can make your life easier because you'll know who belongs and who doesn't.
Virtual Badge can help your youth sports association anywhere, anytime.  With Virtual Badge, your sports association can be connected at all times.  Improve the safety of your members by using Virtual Badge as proof your coaches have been background checked, and let everyone know of important updates, such as rain delays or special events.
Manage Background Screenings & Stay In Contact With Virtual Badge
Smart Badging
Data Collection
Time Tracking

Youth Sports Management - Simplified
Virtual Badge can help you improve safety for your youth sports association.  Screen your people easier and document anything that happens on the field.
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