Use Virtual Badge®
to manage your organization’s identities
and rapidly collect data

  1. Register for your Virtual Badge® remotely– no lines, no hardware, no hassle
  2. Display your badge to be checked-in. Scan a Virtual Badge® with another smartphone.
  3. Collect survey and form data while in the field.
  4. Manage remote teams of users. View all badge-holders from your device.

Increase the value of your
workforce today by using Virtual Badge®

Identity Management
Store IDs, Credentials, and User Information in a Virtual Badge®
Activity Reporting
Create actionable data by submitting mobile data reports
Optional GPS Tracking
For added security, optionally GPS track badges that have been scanned-in
Create Teams of Users
Manage your team with Virtual Badge® even if they don’t have a smartphone
Data Analysis
Create unique reports based on collected data
Robust Integration
Use Virtual Badge® as a middleware to send collected data to your existing applications

We’ve used Virtual Badge®
for a multitude of purposes




Enterprise &









  • "Their Virtual Badge® software helped us save time and gave us an unprecedented view of operations during this exercise. Using Virtual Badge®, we were able to collect electronic check-ins up to five hours faster than with our existing manual processes, and we were instantly able to share this data with all cooperating agencies." Division Chief Nigel Baker,
  • "This product provides a means to properly authenticate and certify users for security purposes." Dept. of Homeland Security
    STEP analysis report
  • "Currently, there is an immediate need for this type of capability. … Virtual Badge® can provide actionable information about on-site personnel that is unparalleled in any other platform." Rick Miller, Fla.
    State Coordinator, ESF 8, Dept. of Health
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