Virtual Badge For Construction

On-Demand Onboarding & Badging

Onboard and badge employees, subcontractors, and visitors as needed with an easy to use, mobile-based registration process.

Customizable Safety Credentialing

Easily collect required OSHA certificates and other training credentials from your workers to lower risk and improve safety.

Mobile Project Management

Respond to project issues more quickly because Virtual Badge lets you know what’s going on even if you’re not there.

Virtual Badge Eliminates Construction Management Headaches

Successfully dealing with issues on the construction site can mean the difference between a project finishing on time or owing the owner a lot of money. For instance, onboarding new hires, tracking their OSHA certifications and managing temporary access can all result in massive delays. It can be a real pain to know who entered and left the job-site and whether or not they are even compliant to be there and do the work. Issues can snowball and end up delaying, or even worse, halting a project.

Virtual Badge is a personnel onboarding and construction management solution for the 21st century. Onboard new hires on-demand, issue them tasks and projects, manage site safety and compliance in a much easier way, and reduce risk exposure, all using a smartphone.

How Can Virtual Badge Help My Construction Company?

For Managing People:

Mobile Onboarding & Badging

Eliminate onboarding bottlenecks by allowing workers to upload required information and receive a badge through the VB mobile app.

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Credential & Certification Storage

Lower risk by collecting and storing required safety and training certificates such as OSHA or equipment credentials.

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Background Check Integration

Eliminate steps and delays when bringing on new workers - use Virtual Badge to background check your workers when you onboard them.

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Manage Deliveries & Visitors

Pre-register suppliers and visitors so you'll know who they are, when they'll arrive, and who they'll be seeing.

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For Managing Projects:

Improve Safety Management

Reduce safety issues because you'll know violations and potential problems will be reported and supervisors will be assigned to correct them.

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Automatic Time On-Site Tracking

Skip using paper time cards and sign-in sheets because Virtual Badge can automatically track your time as soon as you are on-site.

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Respond To Issues Faster

Stop sorting through paperwork and reduce response times to issues because you'll know exactly what's happening on-site.

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Mobile Surveys & Forms

Have instant access to site surveys, supply requests, and any other type of information loaded into Virtual Badge.

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The Future of Identity Management

The world's first smartphone ID system is your passkey to everything. Simple, safe, and secure, Virtual Badge elevates identity management for your organization. Eliminate onboarding headaches, immediately improve compliance, and empower your badge-holders with additional capabilities no plastic ID card can offer.

  • Mobile Onboarding & Badging
  • HR System Integration
  • Credential Storage & Certificate Validation
  • Background Screening Integration
  • Job-Site Time & Location Tracking
  • Visitor Management
  • Messaging & Alerts
  • 1099-Compliant Contractor Payments

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