Securely Manage Worker Identities and Maintain Compliance with Virtual Badge

Virtual Badge is an all-in-one identity and workforce management solution for construction.
Issue supercharged ID badges that make your people safer and job-site more efficient.

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Safety Credentialing

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Reduce Risk For Your Construction Company Today

Virtual Badge is a construction safety management platform that makes identity, compliance, and risk management on the job-sites easier than ever.

Badge & Identify Every Worker

Large construction sites can have thousands of workers and very high turnover. On a big job-site, not knowing who a worker is can cause problems, delays, and even shut-downs.

By using Virtual Badge to get around any identification problems, you'll know:

- Who the worker, visitor, VIP, or contractor is

- What company they work for, their job-title, and their time on-site

- Why the person is on-site, what skills they have, and their work status

Virtual Badge makes sure everyone reads from the same sheet of music.

Create Pre-Construction Onboarding Workflows

Make it way easier to hire and onboard new workers to your job-site. With Virtual Badge, you can create a self-service, mobile portal for remote onboarding.

Eliminate unnecessary meetings and get your workers on the job faster than ever before by:

- Collecting personal information including worker name, photo, and other required details

- Linking signed documentation, training certificates, licenses, and more to their profile

- Issuing an ID badge ONLY if the worker has completed their onboarding workflow

Virtual Badge makes it easier to onboard any worker to your job-site.

Track Safety Policies & Certifications

With a big job-site it's really hard to keep up to date on safety policies & procedures. Traditional methods like excel sheets or file cabinets are annoying and messy. Also, what does your company do when a regulator or auditor shows up?

Never worry about compliance documentation again because Virtual Badge keeps track of it for you. Your project team can create customized workflows to collect:

1) Acknowledgements to each job-site’s specific safety rules and regulations

2) Required certifications such as OSHA, ACI, or contractor licenses

3) Specific training certifications such as Aerial Lift or Rigging training

4) Vehicle operator certifications such as Forklifts, Cranes, CDL

Make managing compliance and producing proof a breeze by using Virtual Badge.

Identify & Correct Worker Non-Compliance

Keeping track of complex compliance requirements for construction is tough. There are more rules, regulations, certifications, and laws to follow than ever before. A lapse in compliance can mean a huge fine or even a red tag (that's bad).

Virtual Badge keeps compliance requirements from falling through the cracks by:

- Giving workers an easy mobile app to upload and store their compliance docs

- Providing a real-time compliance display on each worker's ID badge

- Alerting managers when a worker's documentation is about to expire

Time / Attendance / Man-Count Tracking

On a big construction project, paper time-sheets just don't cut it anymore. With labor costs continuing to rise, schedule management has never been more important. That's why issues with time theft and inefficient contractors can cause nightmares.

Eliminate problems caused by pen-and-paper time tracking systems and instantly know who & how long. With Virtual Badge, your management team can:

1) Track time for the entire construction site or at individual work zones

2) Track time for individual tasks or job-phases

3) Know who is currently on-site at any given time

Virtual Badge is the next step in construction time management.

Field Reporting For Safety Issues

Safety management is usually only put in the hands of managers, not every worker. This can cause safety issues because there can be a disconnect from management to the field.

Virtual Badge solves safety problems by letting any worker use their ID badge to report an issue. Workers can report on any of the following:

1) Pre-task planning, confirmation of correct safety PPE procedures

2) Hazard identification & Hazard control suggestions

3) Great catch, Near miss & Corrective action documentation

4) Safety issues, accidents & incidents

"Before Virtual Badge, we had to collect mountains of paperwork from our contractors and it was hard to tell who had which certifications. Thankfully, this problem disappeared when we started using Virtual Badge."

Victor Mannina, Superintendent @ Clayco Construction Industry

The Only ID Badges Built For Construction Workforce Management

Combine ID badging with situational awareness, issue reporting & time tracking at your job-site.

Virtual Badge gives a bird's eye view into operations, problems, and quality.

Background Checks
& Drug Tests

Connect your ID badges to your background screening or drug testing system. Virtual Badge proves your workers have passed their screening.

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Virtual Badge protects organizations by providing proof that everyone is compliant with safety rules and regulations. If a worker can show their Virtual Badge, they are in real-time compliance.

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Issue Tracking
& Reporting

Unreported issues that cause delays can be a mortal wound to your entire project. Get around unreported issues because Virtual Badge instantly lets admins know.

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Know what's going on across your job-site. Virtual Badge gives you full visibility and control over field operations.

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Learn About How Others Use Virtual Badge To Run Their Construction Sites

  • Case Study: Clayco Rockwool Project

    Learn about how Virtual Badge is used to improve the way Clayco manages identification, compliance, risk, and safety management at the $1b Rockwool manufacturing plant in West Virginia.

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  • Virtual Badge Protects The JDS Development Group’s $2B 111 West 57th Street Skyscraper Construction Project

    COVID-19 infections can completely put a halt to any construction project. Because of this, JDS Development Group needed a way to ensure business continuity at its $2B construction site — a luxury skyscraper that overlooks Central Park in New York City.

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  • Virtual Badge’s Solution To COVID-19 Construction Mandates

    In search of how to best comply with the regulations, Virtual Badge provided a solution to help employers keep track of their worker’s vaccinations, contact tracing, and other COVID-19 waiver forms required to proceed with construction projects.

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Use Identity to Control Your Jobsite

No decision is any better than the information used to make it. Stop making decisions without having up-to-date, accurate information. Virtual Badge gives you the control and visibility you need to run your construction site by adding identity to all aspects of operations. Virtual Badge makes sure you know who is who at all times.

  • On Demand ID Badging
  • Mobile Onboarding
  • HR System Integration
  • Background Screening Integration
  • Store & Track Certifications
  • Compliance Management
  • Visitor Management
  • Messaging & Alerts

Identity Means Better Workforce & Safety Management

You can't have control without visibility into what's going on. No visibility means lost revenue, accidents, and higher overall risk. With Virtual Badge, you have situational awareness, so you can respond instantly. Virtual Badge means working smarter, not harder. Instead of chasing down 8 people, just look at your smartphone. It's that easy.

  • Workforce Management
  • Track Time & Presence
  • Tasking & Assignments
  • Audit Logs
  • Field Service Management
  • Safety Management
  • Risk Management
  • Situational Awareness

Badge &
Identify Anyone

Virtual Badge lets you identify anyone who comes on-site: employees, workers, visitors & more.

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Keep track of required compliance documentation & know who needs additional training.

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Use Virtual Badge to have everyone ready for work before they step foot on your job-site.

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Report & Track

Any worker can use their Virtual Badge app to report a safety, quality, or scheduling issue.

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Time / Attendance

Eliminate problems caused by pen-and-paper time tracking systems and always know who & how long.

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Create Situational

Know what's happening - Virtual Badge lets you know exactly what's going on at any given time.

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Communicate With
Virtual Badges

Skip group texts by using Virtual Badge to send messages to any badge-holder at any time.

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Virtual Badge makes sure everybody follows the same set of safety rules & procedures.

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Field Reporting

Virtual Badge solves safety problems by letting any worker use their ID badge to report an issue.

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Different Ways To Use Virtual Badge for Construction

Issue badges with ease, and manage your people, their compliance, and the work they do from just your mobile phone. It's that easy with Virtual Badge!

Join thousands of happy Virtual Badge users today!

I save so much time every week because Virtual Badge gives me the compliance and time tracking data on every worker on my project."

Matthew Campbell, Project Coordinator @ SLGT Project Manager

“We use Virtual Badge to manage the compliance of more than 30 separate sub-contractor groups and it saves us time every day.”

Spenser Heller, Project Manager @ JDS Development Group Construction Industry

"Virtual Badge helps me onboard new hires and keep track of their certifications, which lets me spend more time on operations for my business."

Samantha Terline, President @ Cedar Park Group Construction Staffing

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