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Virtual Badge is a cloud-based digital ID card platform that offers employee ID solutions to small and large businesses worldwide.

Use the Virtual Badge mobile app to issue ID badges, improve employee management, and streamline coordination.

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Digital ID Badges Are Simpler To Use & Easier To Manage Than All Traditional Systems

Creating employee ID cards is often low priority but can still be expensive, annoying, and full of security holes that can cause huge problems.

Virtual Badge sidesteps these problems because your organization can easily issue digital ID cards that can’t be lost, faked, or stolen.

  • Create Remote Controlled ID Badges

    Once a traditional plastic ID badge has been issued, it’s next to impossible for organizations to control what happens to the badge. Often, badges are lost, stolen, and misused, with the issuer having zero knowledge or awareness that badges are being shared, or if fired individuals are still using issued badges for access or to gain business.

    Virtual Badge gives your organization remote control over every ID badge. With Virtual Badge, you can issue, revoke, edit, or expire a digital ID card instantly, which means new hires can get badges in seconds, and if someone gets fired your business will never have to worry about bad actors abusing your company’s reputation.

    Stop in-house card printing, losing badges, and wasting money, and start using Virtual Badge today.

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  • A Cloud-Based Company Directory

    In organizations with multiple locations and high turnover, it can be difficult to know for instance, who was recently hired, or that the company changed its plumbing contractors. Not having a company directory that constantly updates opens the doors to miscommunications and delays, which no one wants.

    Virtual Badge is a cloud-based platform that doubles as both an employee ID badge and an always up-to-date company directory, accessible at any time. Onboard workers by using a turnkey mobile process that collects employee information, issues them an ID badge, and updates your company registry of employees, vendors, visitors, and more.

    With Virtual Badge, you can keep everyone in your organization on the same page and always be up to date.

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  • Instantly Issue & Revoke Badges via API

    Managing a traditional badging system is labor intensive and can be a pain for both administrators and badge-holders. For instance, issuing a plastic ID badge usually requires an in person meeting taking up everyone’s time, and revoking a badge usually requires the administrator to chase down the badge-holder.

    Virtual Badge is designed to plug into your company’s internal systems so you can instantly issue, revoke, edit, or deactivate badges automatically, via API. Different statuses, criteria, or events in your internal system can send an alert to the Virtual Badge API which can greatly eliminate the time your team spends managing badges.

    Virtual Badge helps companies avoid security and risks because the API automatically completes tasks that, if forgotten or done incorrectly, can create big problem downstream.

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Extend The Functionality Of Your ID Badges To Improve HR Management

Most people think of an ID badge as a piece of plastic and don’t realize how identity management plays a critical role in whether a business is successful or not.

Virtual Badge extends the power of ID badges to provide your business with advanced background screening, compliance, and time management capabilities.

  • Background Check / Drug Test Integration

    Most businesses require a background check or drug test when hiring new employees or contractors, and this usually integrated into the company’s HR system. What doesn’t happen is providing that worker with a real-time compliance display.

    In comes Virtual Badge, which can link directly to your company’s background screening, drug testing, or applicant tracking system. Using Virtual Badge’s integrations, organizations can automatically issue digital employee ID cards only if the worker passes their background screening. Workers can then show their real-time compliance by displaying their Virtual Badge. Once the ID badge has been issued, if the worker commits a violation or crime, their badge can be automatically revoked.

    Virtual Badge’s background check & drug test integrations greatly simplify the worker vetting process, resulting in automatic management and risk reduction.

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  • Keep Track of Licenses, Certifications & Policy Attestations

    It can be very difficult for some businesses to keep track of compliance processes, like knowing which workers or contractors have the up to date requirements in order to work. Failures in the compliance arena can cause huge legal penalties and fines if something bad happens or there’s an audit.

    Instead of going crazy by using Excel spreadsheets to manage compliance certifications and training renewal dates, Virtual Badge keeps track of this information automatically. Administrators define requirements and then badge-holders can upload the corresponding document or sign that they have agreed. Virtual Badge provides notifications to both the badge-holder and administrator when it’s time to get a new certification or attest to a new policy.

    With Virtual Badge doing certification management automatically, HR managers can spend less time worrying about compliance and more time helping their workers.

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  • Track Time & Attendance

    Traditional time tracking systems often cause problems for businesses because of things like illegible handwriting, calculation errors, and fraud. In fact, 44% small businesses have reported that their biggest issue is timesheet errors, and since labor is often the driver for these types of organizations, this can cause huge problems.

    Eliminate these types of problems by letting digital ID badges track worker time. Virtual Badge offers three ways for businesses to easily track time with Virtual Badge:

    1) Each badge has a QR code that can be scanned in or out by a supervisor with the VB mobile app

    2) Each badge-holder can be allowed to self initiate their clock-in or out

    3) GPS based geofences can be setup at each job-site to automatically check-in/out badge-holders

    Learn more about how Virtual Badge can automate time tracking and reduce errors.

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Insights From Digital ID Cards Can Improve Security & Coordination At Your Business

Traditional employee ID cards are usually a “set it and forget it” type of implementation, and end up becoming reactive solutions which end up annoying security and human resources.

Virtual Badges aren’t just boring ID cards — they can double as both security and coordination tools that upgrade existing infrastructure and provide actionable data insights for you to improve business operations.

  • Gain Situational Awareness

    Losing money because you don’t know what’s going on across the business is a sinking feeling. Knowing what’s happening can mean a wide variety of things, such as knowing when a job is completed, if there are any outstanding issues, and if clients are complaining or are happy with service. When this information flows from bottom to top via phone calls, emails, and pen and paper, issues can slip through the cracks or it might be too late to respond properly once you’re aware something happened.

    Businesses need real-time situational awareness so they can operate at peak efficiency. That’s why Virtual Badge is designed to give managers and stakeholders peace of mind because they are always aware of important issues, requests, or problems. Any job report, request form, or maintenance log can be put into Virtual Badge and when a badge-holder submits it, managers will instantly have access. From there, tasks can be assigned or a message can be sent back to the worker. All information submitted by Virtual Badge is time/date stamped, geocoded, and tied to the submitter’s ID.

    Learn more about how Virtual Badge can give your business a bird’s eye view of everything that’s going on.

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  • Fast, Easy Visitor Management

    Guests going missing, lost visitor badges, and confused wanderers are usually signs that a visitor management program is going badly. When using traditional sign-in sheets and temporary paper or plastic visitor badges, it’s difficult to maintain a high level of security at your facilities.

    Get ahead of these issues by using Virtual Badge to pre-issue badges to visitors that let administrators know who is coming, when they’ll arrive, and who they will be visiting. Once a visitor arrives, they can show their Virtual Badge, and security admins can communicate with them at any time and even GPS locate visitors if necessary. Once the visitor leaves, their badge will be instantly revoked.

    Make visitor management a proactive part of your business with Virtual Badge.

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  • Communicate With Any Badge

    Looking up phone numbers and sending group texts can be really annoying for any business. This problem only grows bigger as an organization grows, so finding a good solution for notifying and communicating with workers is necessary. With today’s workforce becoming more mobile and with the increase in remote working, communication has never been more important.

    With Virtual Badge, messages can be sent to any badge-holder at any time. These messages can be sent to everyone in your business, groups of badges based on job-title, role, or location, or sent to clocked-in users at any facility or job-site.

    Learn about how Virtual Badge can greatly improve communication and coordination across your entire business, even with your customers.

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The Future of Identity Management

The world's first smartphone ID system is your passkey to everything. Simple, safe, and secure, Virtual Badge elevates identity management for your organization. Eliminate onboarding headaches, immediately improve compliance, and empower your badge-holders with additional capabilities no plastic ID card can offer.

  • Mobile Onboarding & Badging
  • HR System Integration
  • Credential Storage & Certificate Validation
  • Background Screening Integration
  • Job-Site Time & Location Tracking
  • Visitor Management
  • Messaging & Alerts
  • 1099-Compliant Contractor Payments

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