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Make onboarding and ID badging more convenient by adding capabilities like background checks and time tracking.

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Awesome capabilities that are proven to improve coordination and reduce risk.

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  • Currents Trends in Background Check for Hiring

    The traditional background checks involved in hiring are cumbersome and time-consuming processes. It involves a lot of data mining and analysis for screening the background of the applicants. The advent of new and improved technologies have made the process of background checks more accurate, reliable, and efficient. Improved efficiency of the background checks leads to much-improved quality of hiring and an increase in productivity.

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  • Importance of Background Verification

    Background checks help the companies improve their quality of recruitment and enhance their productivity. Companies conduct background checks for most key positions they hire for. The global background verification market is estimated to be $100 billion.

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  • FCRA Compliant Background Checks

    FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) compliant background checks are widely being used especially for hiring in positions involving managing of finances. FCRA compliant background checks help in hiring suitable candidates in such positions. Virtual Badge is one such FCRA compliant system which helps in conducting efficient background checks.

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  • Benefits of Workforce Management

    Workforce management is a systematic and scientific approach used for optimizing work scheduling and improving staff productivity. It ensures that the resources are deployed in the right place and at the right time. Workforce management includes scheduling, forecasting, skills management, timekeeping, attendance management etc.

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  • Benefits of Running Background Checks Using Virtual Badge

    Virtual Badge is a revolutionary system which makes the background checks for hiring very simple and effective. Using the mobile-based platform, it integrates the background check processes with the hiring processes of the employers seamlessly. Some of the key benefits of using Virtual Badge for background checks are as follows:

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  • How Workforce Management Improves Productivity

    Workforce management is known to improve the productivity of organizations considerably. It schedules the tasks better and helps in more efficient allocation for resources. The manual tasks are automated by an implementation of workforce management which leads to productivity improvement. Systems like Virtual Badge provide a gamut of services like simplifying onboarding, enabling work allocation and tracking, tracking of time sheets, providing improved communication channels etc. to improve productivity.

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