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  • Cloud-Based ID Card System

    Use cloud-based ID badges to avoid the pitfalls of lost ID cards, needing to arrive on-location to get an ID badge, or waiting for the badge in the mail.

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  • Remote Controlled ID Badges

    Protect your organization's reputation with the power to create, expire, edit, and revoke ID cards with just a smartphone.

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  • Mobile Background Checks

    Virtual Badge can improve safety & security by automatically issuing ID badges based on a background check or drug test result.

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  • Identity Verification

    By using facial recognition technology, Virtual Badge matches the user's photo to a government issued ID, providing a 100% positive ID match for any digital ID badge.

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How Can A Digital ID Card Help Me?

Virtual Badge is a complete id card solution that reduces risk and improves coordination for a variety of industries and use-cases:

ID Cards For Businesses

Create remote controlled ID badges, speed up onboarding for new hires & track employee certifications.

ID Cards For Construction Sites

Create badges for workers & visitors that track safety certifications, hours on-site, and EHS compliance.

ID Cards For Contractors

Create badges that can link to a background screening or drug test & keep track of contractor certifications & licenses.

ID Cards for Healthcare

Create badges that manage documentation & credentials for healthcare workers.

ID Cards for Disaster Response

Create badges that can be communicated to & controlled from the Emergency Operations Center.

ID Cards For Tracking Memberships

Create badges that track membership status, payment of dues & help make running events easier.

ID Cards For Schools

Create ID badges for students, staff, visitors & volunteers that improve safety & security on campus.

  • Trustworthiness and the Gig Economy

    The alternative workforce has been a burgeoning part of the american economy for the past couple of decades. From a survey of 8,000 people across europe and the U.S., the Mckinsey Global Institute determined that between 20-30% of workers are engaged in different types of “independent work”.

  • The User Fitness Factor

    We here at Virtual Badge are obvious vocal proponents of technological innovation. The continuing emergence of new technologies (and their ramifications) can be captivating for those of us who forecast change and seek out continual improvement. The business, media, governance, and nonprofit worlds are always buzzing with talk about innovation. In many ways, it is the dominant spirit of our age.

  • Digital ID’s- Safekeeping Authentication

    Life in large, complex societies is continually beset by the challenge of identity verification. Anthropologists have posited that the natural cognitive limit for the number of people an individual human can maintain relationships with is between 100 and 250.

  • Digital IDs And The Race Against Time

    Luckily, digital ID badges can address a whole range of inefficiencies. They may be utilized for identity management, access management, employee time tracking, compliance management, communications, and as a workforce management tool.

  • When compliance management falls through the cracks

    Compliance with state, federal, and OSHA regulations is a burdensome, but very necessary, part of every construction company’s operations. Requirements like OSHA 10, OSHA 30, first aid, state contractors license, and other general compliance hurdles are ever present. Employees, contractors and subs assigned to distinct job functions need more specific certifications e.g. scaffolding, rigging, welding, forklift, and dust and silica, to name a few. 

  • The Ultimate ID Badge Lifecycle

    The traditional, plastic ID card lifecycle leaves much to be desired. It’s creation, use, and destruction are, in many ways, open ended. We’ll discuss the limitations of each phase of the badge lifecycle, and in turn, how digital ID’s can improve on these limitations.

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