Far More Than Grandpa's
Old ID Cards

Virtual Badge Is A Complete ID Card Solution In A Mobile App -
No Lost Badges, No Onboarding Delays, No Badge Printers

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Turn ID Cards Into Swiss Army Knives For Your Organization

Instantly Create Badges That Make It Easier To Collect Documentation, Track Time, Record Work & More

  • Cloud-Based ID Card System

    Use cloud-based ID badges to avoid the pitfalls of lost ID cards, needing to arrive on-location to get an ID badge, or waiting for the badge in the mail.

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  • Remote Controlled ID Badges

    Protect your organization's reputation with the power to create, expire, edit, and revoke ID cards with just a smartphone.

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  • Mobile Background Checks

    Virtual Badge can improve safety & security by automatically issuing ID badges based on a background check or drug test result.

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  • Identity Verification

    By using facial recognition technology, Virtual Badge matches the user's photo to a government issued ID, providing a 100% positive ID match for any digital ID badge.

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How Can A Digital ID Card Help Me?

Virtual Badge is a complete id card solution that reduces risk and improves coordination for a variety of industries and use-cases:

ID Cards For Businesses

Create remote controlled ID badges, speed up onboarding for new hires & track employee certifications.

ID Cards For Construction Sites

Create badges for workers & visitors that track safety certifications, hours on-site, and EHS compliance.

ID Cards For Contractors

Create badges that can link to a background screening or drug test & keep track of contractor certifications & licenses.

ID Cards for Healthcare

Create badges that manage documentation & credentials for healthcare workers.

ID Cards for Disaster Response

Create badges that can be communicated to & controlled from the Emergency Operations Center.

ID Cards For Tracking Memberships

Create badges that track membership status, payment of dues & help make running events easier.

ID Cards For Schools

Create ID badges for students, staff, visitors & volunteers that improve safety & security on campus.

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