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Using old school ID cards is annoying and can expose your people to risk. Beat these issues by instantly issuing supercharged digital ID badges that improve communication, coordination, and safety for your organization.

With the Virtual Badge mobile app, there’s no lines, no delays, no printers, and no problems -- Far better than your dad's old ID cards.

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What Are Digital ID Badges & Why Should I Care?

Virtual Badge is the simplest and easiest way for you to issue badges and identify your people.
Imagine never ever worrying about creating, controlling, managing, and rejecting your identity cards.
Whether you have a short term event, you’ve got gig economy workers, or you need ID cards daily, Virtual Badge has your people identified.

  • Short Term Usage

    Virtual Badge is a lightweight and quick solution for identification at corporate events, conferences, trade shows, seminars, sports leagues, club meetings, reunions, parties, and meetings. Simply download the Virtual Badge app, request your badge and wait for it to be approved - it’s that easy!

    To assist with creating a safer environment for everyone, Virtual Badge can be used for COVID-19 management. With Virtual Badge you can:

    - Require attendees to complete a COVID-19 screening questionnaire

    - Require attendees to have a recent COVID-19 negative screening

    - Perform contact tracing if somebody gets infected

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  • Gig Economy Usage

    Virtual Badge is designed to be a turnkey contractor management solution. Plug Virtual Badge into every aspect of your contractor onboarding, operations, and compliance program to create better outcomes, reduce risk, and protect your company’s reputation.

    With Virtual Badge powering your contractor program, your team can optimize, expedite, and upgrade:

    - Contractor onboarding, background screening & drug testing processes

    - Compliance / documentation management for certifications, skills & licenses

    - Operations management, issue reporting, client feedback & contractor performance monitoring

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  • Long-Term Usage

    We designed and built Virtual Badge for the long-term. We work best with companies that are data driven and have multiple types of requirements that must be met before work can be done. It’s really difficult to do all of that, so why not let your mobile app do the work for you?

    Virtual Badge is infinitely customizable and can be setup for a wide range of long-term implementations & processes, such as:

    - New hire onboarding processes that collect required information, documents, credentials & results in a badge

    - Automatic compliance management processes that can deactivate a badge if something goes out of date

    - Workforce management, including time tracking, field service management, communication & coordination

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Turn ID Cards Into Swiss Army Knives For Your Organization

Stop Using Obsolete Tech & Start Instantly Creating Badges That Make It Easier To Identify Your People & Get More Work Done.
Virtual Badge is a Digital ID Badging System In A Mobile App- For Androids and iPhones

  • Issue ID Badges Instantly

    Your organization needs to move away from the old constant need of printing badges like your organization is still stuck in the fax era. With Virtual Badge, you can get rid of frustration and duplicated work because our platform makes sure that the power of the badges stays with the individual and his admin, not with the printer.

    Cloud-based ID badges avoid the pitfalls of lost plastic ID cards, needing to arrive on-location to get an ID badge, and waiting for the badge in the mail. With Virtual Badge, you can issue badges on demand and instantly.

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  • Gain Control Of Your Badges

    Take back control of your badges and stop worrying about misplaced badges. With Virtual Badge, you manage your ID badges from start to finish.

    Protect your organization's reputation with the power to create, expire, edit, and revoke ID cards with just a smartphone. With Virtual Badge, gain complete control over your organization's badges at all time.

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  • Background Checks & More

    Make sure that you only work with vendors and contractors with clean records. Don't ever worry about skimping out on proper checks and risk on ruining relationships built with clients.

    Virtual Badge can improve safety & security by automatically issuing ID badges based on a background check or drug test result. Reduce risk and give your clients peace of mind because they'll know everyone has a clean record.

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  • 100% Identity Verification

    Make sure that the person you hired is who shows up for the job with a validated Virtual Badge. Help secure your contracting force by always knowing who clocked in to the job site.

    Prevent any issues by using facial recognition technology that keeps bad actors out. Virtual Badge matches the user's photo to a government issued ID, providing a 100% positive ID match for any digital ID badge.

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Digital ID Cards For Your Organization

Learn how Virtual Badge upgrades HR, Operations, Compliance, and Security For Your Industry or Use-Case:

ID Cards For Businesses

Virtual Badge is a solution that can help multiple aspects of any business, including the Human Resources, Operations, and Compliance departments. Managers can create customized onboarding workflows for each type of employee they hire, which can be linked to each employee’s Virtual Badge, which will then automatically track any uploaded certifications or documentation. Once a Virtual Badge has been issued, it can be revoked at any time and managers can easily communicate with any worker and send them tasks, messages, and more. Virtual Badge upgrades identity management for any business.

ID Cards For Construction Sites

Virtual Badge helps to improve several aspects of HR, personnel management, and safety at any construction site. With digital ID badges, safety managers, superintendents, and project managers can easily get a satellite view of what’s going on at their site. Contractors can be required to upload their documentation like OSHA cards, and any field worker can participate in safety management because every badge-holder can submit issue reports that management can instantly respond to. Once a Virtual Badge has been issued, it can be revoked at any time and managers can easily know how many man-hours were worked on-site, which workers need to update their certifications, and why things like delays are occurring. Virtual Badge upgrades job-site management for any construction company.

ID Cards For Contractors

Virtual Badge is a great addition to to help control and manage any vendor program. Issue smartphone based ID badges that can background check, drug test, and collect contractor certifications, so managers know exactly who is working for them and that they have been properly vetted and credentialed. Virtual Badge also helps communication and coordination between remote management and their vendors, even if both are across the country from one another. If a vendor leaves the program or commits a crime, their badge can be instantly revoked, which helps give peace of mind to both the managers and to customers. With Virtual Badge, it’s easier to keep your vendor program fully compliant and up-to-date.

ID Cards for Healthcare

Virtual Badge can be used for many purposes in the healthcare field. Managers can use digital ID badges to identify essential healthcare workers to external authorities, keep track of and manage required health credentials, certifications & licenses, and to make sure that every worker agrees to any changes in policies related to HIPAA compliance. Virtual Badge can also improve communication and coordination, especially for remote home healthcare workers or contractors, by providing an easy way to track time, attendance, and any issues that may occur while on the job. If a worker or vendor quits or is terminated, their Virtual Badge can be instantly revoked and their access to any facilities can be removed. With Virtual Badge, managing healthcare workers, their required information, and their activities can be made much easier than with traditional systems.

ID Cards for Disaster Response

Virtual Badge was originally created as a disaster response solution, and has been named a “Best Practice” at over 10 different disasters, starting with the BP Oil Spill in 2010 and every major hurricane since then. Local governments can use Virtual Badge to instantly identify and issue badges to different agencies coming into a restricted zone and can also issue badges to citizens who may not have evacuated or have stayed behind. Once issued, Virtual Badges can be used to track time, complete ICS 214s, and report back critical information, which can be used as actionable data by incident management teams. Virtual Badge is an award winning solution for emergency response, and is an ideal solution to pre-implement in disaster prone areas.

ID Cards For Tracking Memberships

Virtual Badge is a comprehensive solution to managing memberships. Digital ID badges can be used to easily keep track of who is a current member, when their renewals are due, and even can be used to take membership payments. Membership coordinators can also use Virtual Badges to manage events, by tracking members’ time, managing their skillsets, and communicating and coordinating what goes on. For members, their Virtual Badge can become a one-stop-shop for reporting their feedback and keeping track of their membership details. With Virtual Badge, managing members can be quicker, easier, and more seamless than with a non-mobile solution.

ID Cards For Schools

Virtual Badge is a security and safety solution for schools, universities, and other educational institutions. By instantly issuing badges to students, faculty, and vendors, Virtual Badge gives security managers situational awareness of their facilities. Anyone who enters and leaves can be monitored, and managers can optionally GPS locate people while on-site. Any badge-holder can be communicated with at any time, so situations can be mitigated in real-time. Because Virtual Badges can’t be lost, security managers can be freed up from the monotony of re-printing badges, and can focus on the more important aspects of their jobs. With Virtual Badge, schools can upgrade their security instantly and be able to respond to problems faster.

  • Virtual Badge Protects The JDS Development Group’s $2B 111 West 57th Street Skyscraper Construction Project

    JDS Development Group are using Virtual Badge at their $2B 111 West 57th Street Skyscraper project for safety, risk management, and liability protection — all related to COVID-19 infections. 111 West 57th Street, also known as Steinway Tower, is the largest residential tower as well as the thinnest skyscraper in the entire world. JDS Development Group is an American real-estate development group headquartered in Manhattan, NYC.

  • Virtual Badge Secured The Breeder’s Cup From COVID-19 Risk

    COVID-19 infections will completely put a halt to any event. Because of this, Keeneland and The Breeder’s Cup needed a way to protect their facility and the safety of all workers and attendees from COVID-19 exposure. With plastic badges, The Breeder’s Cup didn’t have a way to collect liability waiver forms or any ability to verify if an attendee had a valid COVID-19 negative test result.

  • How Digital ID Badges Transform Construction Sites

    Clayco had used traditional plastic IDs and pen-and-paper processes at their job-sites for years, which are slow and inefficient.  When the opportunity came up to try digital ID badges, Clayco immediately realized the advantages and went with Virtual Badge.

  • Best Practices For Using Digital IDs For COVID-19 Response In Construction

    While many businesses across the United States have been shut down due to Coronavirus, the construction industry is in full swing.  Because we need to keep our job-sites open and keep everyone employed, responding effectively to the threat of COVID-19 is of utmost importance.  An infected job-site most likely needs to close down, and that can result in huge issues, both financial and legal, for all parties involved.

  • Home healthcare in the time of COVID19

    The events of the currently unfolding coronavirus pandemic, and its ramifications for our businesses, institutions, and lives, require little introduction. As of right now, businesses and organizations are facing unique challenges that are forcing them to change their procedures. These challenges are coming above (government injunctions), from below (the safety needs of customers and clients), and within, as managers grapple with finding best practices and ensuring that operations can continue.

  • Using Smartphone Technology to Augment Search and Rescue Operations

    In the days leading up to hurricane impact, emergency managers planning for Search and Rescue operations can never have enough information. How many people will ignore mandatory evacuation orders and stay with their homes during the storm? Where are these people located? How can I reach out to these people and send them help once the storm has passed? All of these questions and more can be answered by leveraging the most powerful and ubiquitous technology available in most households today – the smartphone.

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