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  • Remote Controlled ID Badges

    Create, expire, edit, and revoke Virtual Badges from your smartphone.

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    Prevent issues caused by lost, misused, or fake plastic ID badges.

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    All it takes is a smartphone: no complicated software or expensive printers.

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Far More Than A Plastic ID Badge Could Ever Be

Virtual Badge reduces risk and improves coordination for a variety of industries and use-cases:

ID Badges For Vendor Management

Mobile-based onboarding, background checks, and drug tests for contractors and vendors.

ID Badges For Construction

Automated certification management, hours tracking & safety reporting for workers on-site.

ID Badges For Healthcare

Real-time medical credentialing & documentation management for healthcare workers.

ID Badges for Background Checks

Connect a background check to a digital ID to eliminate delays and improve safety.

ID Badges For Certification Tracking

Collect and store worker certifications to improve compliance and know who has which skills.

ID Badges For Time Tracking

Skip paper time cards by using digital IDs to record time on-site.

ID Badges For Visitor Management

Create temporary ID badges and know who is at your facilities or events.

ID Badges For Safety Management

Protect your organization by standardizing safety management across every job-site.

  • Benefits of Identity Access and Management

    Identity Access and Management (IAM) is widely being used in business for ensuring better security measures. IAM is basically a system with one or more applications which stores and manages user identities. Popular IAM systems like Virtual Badge simplifies the authorization and access to business resources by the users. It enhances the productivity of the businesses considerably.

  • Benefits of Using Virtual Badge in Identity Access and Management

    There are many systems for Identity Access and Management (IAM). Virtual Badge has emerged as a popular IAM system. It is a paperless and highly efficient IAM system which makes use of virtual badges to create user identity and authorize and authenticate access to business applications and resources. The key benefits of using Virtual Bade for IAM are as follows:

  • Latest Emerging Trends in Identity Access and Management

    With rapid changes in the regulations and privacy becoming an important element for businesses and individuals, Identity Access and Management (IAM) systems are also evolving to keep pace with the dynamic changes. The latest emerging trends in IAM are discussed below:

  • Need for Implementation of Identity Access and Management

    IT departments worldwide are facing the challenges of providing seamless access to business resources and applications to the staff while ensuring security. The need for uninterrupted access to resources from any time and anywhere coupled with growing security concerns are the key drivers of Identity Access and Management (IAM) systems. The various factors which necessitate the need for IAM systems are as follows:

  • Currents Trends in Background Check for Hiring

    The traditional background checks involved in hiring are cumbersome and time-consuming processes. It involves a lot of data mining and analysis for screening the background of the applicants. The advent of new and improved technologies have made the process of background checks more accurate, reliable, and efficient. Improved efficiency of the background checks leads to much-improved quality of hiring and an increase in productivity.

  • Importance of Background Verification

    Background checks help the companies improve their quality of recruitment and enhance their productivity. Companies conduct background checks for most key positions they hire for. The global background verification market is estimated to be $100 billion.

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