Simple Smartphone Badging

Virtual Badge is Anywhere, Anytime - from the classroom to the construction site. Redefine what badging means with a modern, mobile solution.

Easy Access Control

Enhance the check-in process with Virtual Badge to eliminate sign-in sheets, badging stations and bulky access points.

Useful Real-Time Data

Upgrade communication with Virtual Badge by creating surveys, messages and reports that improve feedback, service and operations.
  • Smartphone Based

    Virtual Badge works on iOS and Android devices.

  • SaaS

    We’re hosted in the cloud and always available.

  • Easy To Use

    Get everyone badged and ready to go in minutes.

  • Secure

    We protect your data and keep it safe.

Simple Smartphone Badging

Virtual Badge is the easiest and most economical way to badge and manage your employees, visitors, contractors, and more.

  • Smartphone Badging

    Issue Virtual Badges easily through the Apple and Android stores.

  • Remote Management

    Download, manage, and expire Virtual Badges from your smartphone or computer.

  • Rapid Deployment

    Issue Virtual Badges faster than any traditional system.

  • Credential Storage

    Store important credentials in Virtual Badge to maintain compliance.

Easy Access Control

Control access with just a smartphone. Virtual Badge expands your organization's ability to keep track of people, even if they don't have a smartphone.

  • Visibility

    Know Who is on-site, Where they are, and What they are doing.

  • Security

    No lost or fake badges, and you know when a Virtual Badge is expired.

  • Access Reports

    Virtual Badge gives you custom reports about your organization.

  • Mobile Checkpoints

    Smartphone-based access control can be located anywhere.

Useful Real-Time Data

Enhance the coordination, safety, and security of your organization with real-time locations, photos, and messages sent from your Virtual Badges.

  • Data Collection

    Replace pen and paper with Virtual Badge forms and surveys.

  • Location Tracking

    Optionally GPS track badge-holders to increase team coordination.

  • Strategic View

    The Virtual Badge dashboard gives you a bird's-eye view of activities.

  • Messaging

    Unlike traditional systems, VB lets you communicate with badge-holders.

Virtual Badge's patented technology will let you issue more badges cheaper and easier than any traditional system. We also have hard-cards available for organizations that require a visible badge.

VB provided a better grasp of Situational Awareness than I have ever witness before as a USCG Contingency Preparedness & Exercise Passenger Vessel Safety and Mass Rescue Specialist.

Paul Culver, USCG

The cell phone based software took response crews less than 15 minutes to learn, and having credentialed Pathfinder team members on hand enhanced the integration even further. The team’s efficiency, accountability, and documentation capabilities were a remarkable addition to the situational awareness in the field. This package created an excellent addition to the Situation Unit.

Deputy Chief Ron Beesley, Incident Commander, TS Isaac Response, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue

The government reimbursements to the Greenbrier via FEMA which we had no idea existed were a surprise to our staff and added an invaluable capability to this DS team. While our owner chose not to exercise all of these options, the $1+ million in possibilities was surprising. Finally, the Virtual Badge software was easily loaded into 50+ of our staff’s phones and was valued for its accuracy and authentication by our insurance adjusters.

Elmer Coppoolse, Chief Operating Officer, The Greenbrier Resort

The visual documentation of Virtual Badge provided an execellent method of engaging all participants with the field operations. The cost efficiency, accountability, and documentation bundled into one small, professional, Mission Ready Package was outstanding. The on-site support team was self-contained, self-supported, and ramped up to meet our demands.

Scott Kelly, P.E., Assistant City Administrator West Palm Beach, FL, WARN Utilities Functional Exercise

In my opinion, this technology on simple cell phone platforms has teh potential to provide valuable, efficient, medical situational awareness during a disaster response. Utilizing the non-medical scribe, I was able to efficiently triage 56 patients and transmit initial triage criteria, tag status, 2 pictures, and geotag and time/date stamp -- all 56 in precisely 42 minutes as documented by the Virtual Badge software

Col. Nick Lezama (ret.), USAF, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences

Our assessment teams had the app on our phones in 2 minutes, learned how to use the system in under 5 minutes, and were operational doing what no other impacted area in West Virginia did until weeks later -- too late to capture important data lost in the response activities. The Virtual Badge software was an exceptional tool for our City.

Reese Belshee III, Zoning Director, City of White Sulphur Springs, WV

Virtual Badge helps me run my pest control company because I instantly have all field documentation, and I can quickly see which employee is closest to the next job.

Cody Born, Native Pest Management

This product provides a means to properly authenticate and certify users for security purposes.” [...] “The system is flexible and scalable to support the full spectrum of multi-agency and multi-discipline incidents and events.

Department of Homeland Security - Software Review

Currently, there is an immediate need for this type of capability.” [...] “Virtual Badge can provide actionable information about on-site personnel that is unparalleled in any other platform.

Rick Miller, FL State Coordinator Medical Reserve Corps

We saved $200,000 a day once we started using Virtual Badge to handle our inventory.

Enrique Peña, British Petroleum, Deepwater Horizon Response

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