Problems With ID Badges? Not Anymore.

Virtual Badge is a simple & easy mobile identity management software that allows your organization to:

1) Instantly issue or reject virtual ID badges

2) Collect required employee documentation

3) Manage your people remotely

Instantly Issue Remote-Controlled ID Cards With Virtual Badge

No Lines, No Delays, No Printers, No Problems

Virtual Badge is the easiest way to collect required information, issue an ID badge, and manage your people remotely.

  • ID Badging For Construction Sites

    Virtual Badge is an turnkey identification, safety, compliance, and risk management tool for construction sites.

    Issue ID cards to workers that collect their required certifications and track who is on-site & how long they work for.

    Eliminate liability and reduce risk at your construction site by:

    - Issuing badges that automatically collect and track worker documentation & requirements

    - Letting any badge-holder submit safety reports that can be instantly seen & addressed

    - Creating timelog reports that show who was on-site, what company they were with, and how long they stayed.

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  • ID Badging For Short Term Events

    Virtual Badge is a quick and easy ID Card solution for events, conferences, meetings, and more.

    Your people download the Virtual Badge app, request a badge and then you approve it - it’s that easy!

    Virtual Badge is also a COVID-19 solution that keeps your events safe. With Virtual Badge you can:

    - Make attendees complete a COVID-19 screening waiver

    - Let attendees submit a recent COVID-19 negative test

    - Perform contact tracing if somebody gets infected

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  • ID Badging For Contractors

    Virtual Badge is a complete vendor ID card solution.

    Smart ID cards upgrade your ability to manage onboarding, operations, and compliance.

    Reduce risk and protect your company's reputation by:

    - Connecting ID badging to onboarding, background screening, & drug testing

    - Tracking contractor certifications, skills, & licenses

    - Monitoring contractor performance, issues, & client feedback

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  • ID Badging For Daily Use

    Virtual Badge is designed and built for long-term management.

    Our ID cards combine HR processes into easy workflows for every day usage.

    Managers have access to:

    - Up to date information on all badge-holders & their activities

    - All uploaded licenses, certifications, or training documentation

    - Field management tools including time tracking, messaging & reporting.

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Our Partners And Clients:

Digital ID Cards Do Things Plastic ID Badges Can’t

Virtual Badge lets your organization do more with your ID cards.

Let your badges be your single source for managing people, compliance, and risk.

  • Issue ID Badges On Demand

    It takes way too much effort to print ID badges, mail them, and hope they don't get lost.

    Virtual Badge lets your organization issue ID cards from anywhere, at any time.

    Using Virtual Badge is super simple and uses a four step process:

    - Download the Virtual Badge mobile app

    - Apply for an ID badge

    - Upload any required documentation or certifications

    - Admin approves or rejects ID badge & assigns expiration date

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  • Manage Every ID Badge From The Cloud

    Virtual Badge gives your organization control over every ID badge you issue.

    With Virtual Badge, your team can issue, approve, reject, deactivate, and edit your ID cards at any time.

    At any time, you'll know exactly:

    - Who has an ID badge issued

    - What documentation is attached to each ID badge profile

    - When each ID badge or certification needs to be renewed

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  • Background Checks & Drug Tests

    Virtual Badge ensures you only hire & badge workers who have clean records.

    Never hire a bad actor and never worry about ruining a client relationship. Virtual Badge has you covered.

    Perform background checks like:

    - Nationwide State & Federal Criminal Checks

    - Nationwide State & Federal Sexual Predator Checks

    - Motor Vehicle Records Reports

    - 5 or 7 Panel Drug Testing

    - Ongoing Background Monitoring

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  • 100% Positive ID Matching

    Defeat fraud by using technology that matches their photo to a government issued ID.

    Virtual Badge makes sure that they are who they say they are.

    Virtual Badge supports these documents for ID matching:

    - Driver's License

    - Passport

    - Other Government Issued ID Card

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Got Questions?

Check out the Virtual Badge Frequently Asked Questions to get answers:

Solve Problems With ID Badging, Compliance, & Risk

Customize your ID cards for your industry, use-case, or need:

ID Cards For Businesses

Virtual Badge is more than an ID card system for businesses. Virtual Badge solves business problems in Human Resources, Compliance, and Risk.

Managers can:
- Integrate Virtual Badge with an HRIS system
- Issue / Reject / Approve / Deny badges remotely
- Track documentation, licenses, and training certifications
- Track time on-site or for each task
- Communicate with any worker

ID Cards For Construction Sites

Virtual Badge secures your construction site. Digital ID cards solve problems related to identity, manpower tracking, safety, and compliance.

At any time, superintendents, project managers, and safety officers can get a bird's eye view on:

- All ID cards issued for each construction project
- Up-to-date records for compliance, training & more
- Who needs to be re-trained or get a new certification
- Safety management, including issues & corrective actions
- How many man-hours are being worked at any given time

ID Cards For Contractors

Virtual Badge secures your vendor or contractor program. Issue ID badges that make sure your contractor force follows your rules.

Keep your contractor force identified, compliant, and ready to work by:

- Instantly issuing or revoking a contractor ID badge
- Linking a background check or drug test to their ID badge
- Communicating with any contractor via their ID badge
- Receiving status updates on job completion or issues

ID Cards for Healthcare

Virtual Badge improves management in the healthcare field. Issue ID cards that keep track of worker onboarding, compliance & credentialing.

Let Virtual Badge manage your healthcare organization by:

- Instantly issuing ID cards to any worker, visitor, or staff
- Tracking required health credentials, trainings, and certifications
- Pre-registering any visitor who comes to your facilities
- Monitoring home healthcare workers for safety & efficiency

ID Cards for Disaster Response

Virtual Badge has been named a "Best Practice" at more than 10 different disasters. Local governments can use Virtual Badge to:

- Issue ID badges to first responders, volunteers, & any outside agency
- Track worker time via built-in ICS-214 forms
- Gain situational awareness of the disaster zone by knowing who, what, when, where, and why
- Collect and store documentation required for post-disaster reimbursement
- Make critical decisions faster because data comes in instantly.

ID Cards For Tracking Memberships

Virtual Badge is an all-in-one membership system. Make it easier for everyone in your membership organization to know what's going on.

Use Virtual Badge to keep track of:

- Who is currently a member & if they have a member ID card
- When each membership is set to expire & renew
- Whether your members have paid their dues or not
- What is happening at your membership events

ID Cards For Schools

Virtual Badge is a safety & security solution for schools, universities, & other educational institutions.

Managers gain situational awareness of their facilities by:

- Instantly issue ID badges to students, faculty & vendors
- Track visitors & know when people enter & leave
- Communicate with any ID badge at any time
- GPS locate badge-holders while they are on-site

Integrate Virtual Badge With Existing HR Software Tools

Virtual Badge is integrated with the following ATS and HRIS software and lets administrators automatically create, issue, reject, and edit badges on demand via API:

1. SAP Successfactors

2. iCIMS

3. Ultimate Software

4. Kronos

5. Workday

6. ADP

  • SAP SuccessFactors

    SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite enables the shift from transactional human capital management (HCM) to end-to-end experiences — creating a more flexible, engaged workforce and a more resilient business.

  • iCIMS

    iCIMS’ applicant tracking system gives you the power to create better candidate experiences, streamline your HR processes, and hire the right people.

  • Ultimate Software

    Ultimate provides HCM solutions designed to improve the employee experience by putting people first—HR, payroll, talent, time and scheduling, engagement surveys, HR service delivery, and more.

  • Kronos

    Kronos' unified HCM suite allows your people to work smarter, work their way, and work seamlessly in the modern cloud. It’s a technology experience that delivers all the power and functionality of our HCM tools in a solution designed to delight, inspire, and engage.

  • Workday

    Workday Human Capital Management empowers you to curate recommendations, suggest learning, and keep communication open. And do it at scale.

  • ADP

    All-in-one, open-architecture solution for strategic human capital management — talent, payroll, time and benefits — for large U.S.-based multinational businesses.

What Some Of Our Clients Say About Us

  • Ensuring Background Checks with Faculty and Staff

    If you, as an employer, are unable to perform a thorough background check before hiring an employee, your company could face many consequences. For instance, hiring someone with a criminal history could potentially endanger your customers or other employees. Furthermore, hiring someone who does not have the proper knowledge for their role could result in poor quality work or a lawsuit if an accident occurs. Something important to note about the situations mentioned above is the fact that all of them could lead to an even more detrimental outcome, and that is damaging your company’s reputation.

  • OSHA’s COVID-19 ETS Mandate & What It Means For Your Business

    he new OSHA COVID-19 ETS can be summarized as a set of COVID-19 vaccination and testing requirements that cover more than 100 million employees in the United States. The requirements go into effect January 4th, 2022. The new rules require companies with 100 or more employees to ensure that either: 1) All workers become fully vaccinated against COVID-19 OR 2) Workers can prove negative COVID-19 tests at least once a week With the new set of rules, employers must give employees at least 4 hours of paid time off to get vaccinated, and employers do not have to pay for COVID-19 PCR testing (in the case of unvaccinated workers). Unvaccinated workers also must wear masks while on the job.

  • How Brand Momentum Makes Merchandiser Identification Easier

    Brand Momentum is an award winning, Canadian-based sales, marketing, and retail agency specialized in deploying focused sales & merchandising professionals to represent their client’s brands. Seeing the need for a rapid identification service, Brand Momentum reached out to Virtual Badge.

  • Small Tech Makes Big Business

    Your small business is only small to the people it doesn’t support. For you and your employees, it’s a big deal. Because of this, it pays to stay up to date on technologies that can keep your company on top. Data security, a reliable smartphone, customer relationship management, and online tools that make your company safe and accessible are just a few tech tools your business shouldn’t be without.

  • Essential Tips and Resources for Warehouse Managers

    Warehouse managers have an incredibly complex and demanding job. They have to oversee every step in the receiving, warehousing, and distributing process while maintaining compliance with regulations and keeping their employees safe. In a complicated and fast-paced job like this, there’s always something that can go wrong.

  • Best Practices To Keep Your Construction Workers Compliant

    Organizations like the Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA), the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) and the European Agency for Safety & Health at Work (EU-OSHA) have very strict compliance and safety guidelines that must be met in order to perform construction work. These governing bodies have the ability to create and enact new policies, new laws, and also have the legal authority to levy fines and punishments on private companies that don’t comply. Companies are always looking to minimize the effect of audits, fines, and other violations.

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