Virtual Badge Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Badge

All Of Your Virtual Badge Questions -- Answered

What is a Virtual Badge?
Virtual Badges are ID cards that are stored in your smartphone. Imagine being able to control every ID card your company issues with just a mobile app.
Why does my organization need Virtual Badges?
The top 3 reasons why organizations choose Virtual Badge over traditional, plastic ID systems are:

1) Virtual Badge lets organizations issue ID cards faster & easier

2) Virtual Badge gives organizations far greater control over their ID cards

3) Virtual Badges can’t be faked and can’t be lost
How does Virtual Badge benefit me as a manager?
Virtual Badge makes management easier by:

1) Being cloud-based, meaning no badging supplies or hardware required
Giving the ability to instantly deploy ID badges anywhere in the world
Providing a cloud-based portal for easy management of every ID badge
Allowing ID badges to be approved / rejected / edited at any time
Why do other people buy Virtual Badges?
Our clients purchase Virtual Badges because:

1) They need a faster, easier, and cheaper way to issue ID badges

2) They need to simplify complex onboarding & compliance steps

3) They need a way to stay connected with their entire workforce
Do I need to buy hardware to use Virtual Badge?
The only hardware required to use Virtual Badge is a smartphone and a computer. No printers, ink, or any other supplies required
Who uses Virtual Badges?
There are many types of people who use Virtual Badges but our ideal clients are:

1) Organizations with lots of remote workers

2) Organizations that use service workers or contractors

3) Construction Companies

4) Non-Profits
How much training do I need to give my staff?
Virtual Badge requires about 10 minutes of training for Admin staff and less than 5 minutes of training for mobile users
Why do people complain about plastic ID badges?
People complain about plastic ID badges because:

1) They are time consuming and difficult to create

2) They are easily lost

3) They have old photos or inaccurate information on them
How are the different Virtual Badge products priced?
1) Basic Badging - Starts at $5/badge + $300 one-time setup fee

2) Pro Package - Starts at $500/month + $1,000 one-time setup fee

3) Enterprise Package - Starts at $900/mo + $1,500 one-time setup fee
How does Virtual Badge keep my data secure?
We use the most up to date security standards to keep data secure. Virtual Badge uses Microsoft Azure “GovCloud” servers which are have the highest level of security protocols available.
How do I buy Virtual Badges?
There are two ways to purchase Virtual Badges.

1) Click here to purchase a Starter Pack of 10 badges, or

2) Click here to schedule a call to speak with the Virtual Badge team
Why are people talking about digital identity more these days?
Because traditional forms of identity such as plastic cards, physical certificates, and highly sensitive personal identifiable information have the potential for massive security risks, digital identity is now seen as a better alternative.
How does Virtual Badge benefit me as a worker?
Virtual Badge makes life easier for badge-holders because:

1) You can apply for and receive your ID badge from anywhere, any time

2) You will never have to worry about losing an ID badge

3) You will always when your certifications, licenses, or other credentials will expire so you can keep them up to date
What’s wrong with plastic ID badges?
Plastic ID Badges have several problems like:

1) Plastic ID Badges are easily lost & annoying to create

2) Once a Plastic ID Badge is issued it can’t be controlled

3) It’s annoying to need to buy supplies for Plastic ID Badges
Can I use Virtual Badge if I don’t have a smartphone?
Yes, you can use Virtual Badge without a smartphone. Here’s how:

1) Your manager can store your badge on their phone for you

2) Your organization can print you physical ID badge
How easy is Virtual Badge to use?
Virtual Badge is super easy to use. Check out this youtube video to see how easy it is for workers to get their badges.

Is Virtual Badge secure?
Virtual Badge is hosted on the highest security cloud servers possible (GovCloud) and the product is HIPAA compliant.
What are the different products that Virtual Badge offers?
Virtual Badge offers 3 products:

1) Basic Badging - Virtual Badges + Messaging only

2) Pro Package - Basic Badging + Credentialing + Time Tracking, Data Collection, Visitor Management

3) Enterprise Package - Pro Package + Geofencing
Can I get a free trial?
Yes, Virtual Badge offers free trials. Please setup a meeting with us by clicking here

What happens to my personal data when I use Virtual Badge?
Your personal data is stored on Virtual Badge’s secure servers inside a data “silo” that corresponds to your organization. This data will never be shared with other entities.

Does Virtual Badge use my personal data?
Virtual Badge’s data policies mean that NO personal data will EVER be used, sold, or given to a third party
Can I lose a Virtual Badge?
No you cannot lose a Virtual Badge.
Do I have to sign a long term contract?
Virtual Badge requires a long term contract (Minimum 1 year) for the following packages:
1) Pro

2) Enterprise
Are there any setup fees?
There are different one-time setup fees depending on the Virtual Badge package purchased:

1) Basic Badging - $300

2) Pro Package - $1,000

3) Enterprise Package - $1,500
Will Virtual Badge work for my industry?
It depends on your industry, but most likely. Check out our industries page to see our top industries, or click here to schedule a meeting
Can I integrate with Virtual Badge?
Yes, Virtual Badge offers the following types of integration:

1) Public API (integration interface) can be used by your organization

2) Zapier integrations can be setup by your organization
What happens if my Virtual Badge expires?
When your Virtual Badge expires it cannot be used again. You must request a new badge and your organization must approve it.
What kinds of payment does Virtual Badge accept?
Virtual Badge offers the following types of payment:

1) Credit Card

2) Check

3) ACH
What is Virtual Badge’s cancellation policy?
Virtual Badge can be cancelled at any time. If you choose to cancel the service, you will not be billed for any other services or products.
How do I get support for my Virtual Badge?
It’s easy to get support from the Virtual Badge team. We will respond within 24 hours or less. Here’s how:

1) Reach out on our website and chat with Katie

2) Visit our support knowledge base here

3) Watch our youtube support videos here

4) Call us directly at 864-702-2343