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What Are Digital ID Cards & How Do They Work?

Plastic ID badges are boring and a pain to manage. Rather than spending money making pieces of plastic that everyone loses, instantly create or revoke remote controlled badges that can’t be faked or lost.

Take identity management to the next level by improving trust in all aspects of your organization.

Works on iOS and Android

Virtual Badge is a mobile app that works on Apple and Android devices. Think of the Virtual Badge mobile app as a full functioning badging system - a substitute for purchasing an ID badge printer, software, and supplies like plastic cards and ink. Because Virtual Badge is a cloud-based mobile app, managers have access to the entire badging system at any time. Digital ID badges can be issued and revoked on demand, which can free up time for everyone involved — no need to learn complicated software required to create traditional badges, and no need to show up to receive a badge / no need to mail badges.

Remote Controlled ID Badges

Virtual Badges offer a huge advantage over traditional plastic cards because they can be remotely requested, approved, and denied. This allows for convenience for both administrators and for badge-holders, eliminating the need for slow, traditional processes like having to show up and get a badge, needing to re-print lost badges, and physically revoking badges from former employees, contractors, visitors, and more. With remote controlled ID badges, managers can keep up to date with any changes and make those changes instantly.

Customized To Your Organization

Virtual Badges can be customized to your organization in multiple ways. Each badge displays the user’s name, an expiration date, and issuing organization. Badges can be setup with your organization’s name and logos, and managers can issue an unlimited amount of badge “types”, which correspond to job titles, roles, or classifications of users. Each badge “type” can be setup with a different workflow, so higher security badges can require additional vetting vs basic badges for roles like volunteers or visitors.

Take A Selfie For Your Badge Photo

Virtual Badge takes traditional badging processes and brings them into the mobile app. Instead of showing up at a badging office, waiting in line, and standing in front of a camera, Virtual Badge users can apply for a badge and take a selfie photo from wherever they want, whenever they want. Badge-holders can even be asked to complete additional information, agree to policies and procedures, and upload required documentation, certifications, or licenses. Managers will receive a notification each time a badge has been requested, and can review the information and choose to approve or deny the badge. If the badge is approved, a manager can set an expiration date, and if denied, a reason can be given.

Advanced Security Features

Virtual Badge has several advanced security features built-in which help improve safety and trust with badge-holders. For instance, every Virtual Badge profile has a spinning icon that proves the badge is real and keeps badges from being screenshotted. Badges can also be put into high security mode and can only be opened with the correct biometric fingerprint or faceid. Each Virtual Badge also has an encrypted QR code that can only be scanned by a manager who has appropriate permissions. This combination of advanced security features means that badges can’t be faked and can’t be used improperly.

Automatic Badge Expiration

Virtual Badge avoids problems related to expired or revoked badges being used by unauthorized personnel — these are problems that any plastic badging system will have. Because Virtual Badge is a mobile app, this means that the badges are all remote controlled by managers or administrators. This enables badges to be automatically expired at the expiration date and revoked on demand if necessary. With Virtual Badges, stop worrying about old expired badges still being used - once a badge is expired or revoked it can no longer be displayed.

Works Offline

Don’t worry about areas with low connectivity — Virtual Badge is designed to work offline. In any environment or location, you can display a badge. Any data recorded by your badge is stored in an encrypted database on your smartphone until connectivity is reestablished and the data is uploaded. Virtual Badge was originally designed for disaster response, so if it can work in the worst of environments, it can work for your environment.

Digital ID Badges Upgrade Human Resources Management

Virtual Badge can plug into HR procedures to improve everyday activities, by simplifying workflows and reducing duplicative processes. With Virtual Badge, you can create a digital identity standard across your organization by unifying normally separate processes like onboarding, compliance, and more.

Learn how HR professionals have found innovative uses for digital ID badges:

Use The Virtual Badge API - Link Badges To Your Internal Systems

With Virtual Badge’s API, you can seamlessly connect digital ID badges to the other Human Capital Management software products your organization uses. Connecting Virtual Badge to your other core software systems will reduce duplicative data entry and provide a visual representation of each badge-holders real-time compliance. Provide easy paths to create custom HR workflows specific to your organization’s needs, and automatically issue, revoke, and update Virtual Badges based on your HR needs. With Virtual Badge’s API, HR work can be done more easily and with less effort.

Use Facial Recognition To Expedite Onboarding

Facial recognition is the fastest and easiest way to verify identities for temporary, remote, or contract workers. Virtual Badge offers an on-the-spot identity validation tool with face match technology that is used to validate that the person you are hiring and onboarding is who they say they are. With a simple five step process that takes less than five minutes, your organization can get actionable hiring results, reduce manual data entry, and issue ID badges that have a 100% match to the applicant. Avoid fraud and improve safety across your organization by using facial recognition to increase trust across your workforce.

Link Background Screenings To ID Badges In Real-Time

Demonstrate your organization’s commitment to safety by issuing Virtual Badges that are tied to a background check. Virtual Badge protects your organization and your clients by only issuing a badge if the applicant passes their background check. This badge can be displayed at any time, showing that your workers have passed their check. Virtual Badges can even be setup to re-screen workers, contractors, or volunteers, and if any issue is picked up, their badges can be instantly revoked. Improve your workers’ quality, your customers’ security, and your organization’s reputation by connecting background screenings to Virtual Badges.

Automatically Keep Track of Worker Certifications & Skills

Make compliance management easier for your organization by using Virtual Badges to keep track of required worker documentation, trainings, certifications, licenses, and skills. Keep both employees and vendors compliant with complex regulations by either allowing badge-holders to upload their credentials to their badges, or by connecting your organizations HR or credentialing system to Virtual Badge. Once uploaded or connected, Virtual Badge will manage expiration dates and alert both the badge-holder and management that it is time to update a training or certification, and if this date passes, the badge can be automatically expired, preventing the worker from doing work they would be now be unauthorized to do.

Manage Regulatory Compliance More Easily

Virtual Badge makes it easier for your organization to keep track of who has agreed to new policies, procedures, or rules. Keep your workforce up to date and compliant to any changes by uploading policy documents to the Virtual Badge mobile app and having your badge-holders read them and sign their names showing they agree. Once the policies have been agreed to, administrators can easily file and export these attestations as required proof, if needed, and if a policy changes, it can be easily uploaded to Virtual Badge for badge-holders to agree to what’s new.

Send Messages & Alerts To Badge-Holders

Communication across the enterprise can be a difficult task, especially if dealing with new hires or contractors that your team has never met. With Virtual Badge, managers can send PUSH notifications to any badge-holder at any time. By avoiding the need to look up phone numbers or emails, Virtual Badge helps make communication quicker and easier. With Virtual Badge, avoid annoying group texts and emails.

Digital ID Badges Make Workforce Management Easier

Virtual Badge is much more than “just a badge”. Once Virtual Badges have been issued they function as a full suite of workforce management tools, which directly connect your back office to the work being done.

Learn about ways that our clients use Virtual Badge to improve productivity, quality and efficiency for their organizations:

Perform Faster, More Accurate Field Service

Field work can be done much more accurately and quickly with Virtual Badge. Once a badge has been issued, workers can use their Virtual Badge to submit information while they are doing work or are at a job-site. Some examples of how Virtual Badge is used for field service include: reporting issues to management, capturing client authorizations to do additional jobs, and recording materials used to help with job costing. Managers have instant access to Virtual Badge forms and can immediately respond to workers, allowing for a higher level of customer service and better outcomes.

Improve Situational Awareness To Avoid Surprises

Not knowing what’s going on and not knowing where issues are occurring is a huge issue that plagues organizations all across the world. Instead of old school methods like a back office taking phone calls and reading through paper forms, Virtual Badge provides an award winning level of situational awareness — once a badge-holder has submitted data, management has instant access to important information like client requests, reported issues or problems with a job, and status reports. With Virtual Badge, problems that could sink a project will never fall through the cracks ever again.

Manage All Aspects Of Events

Keeping track of everything going on during a big event can be a real challenge, especially with using traditional methods that result in long lines and missed communication. Instead of reacting to problems, Virtual Badge lets managers be proactive, with the ability to issue event badges ahead of time to both attendees and staff. By using digital IDs, there won’t be long lines to get into the event, staff can be freed up from doing repetitive registration tasks, attendee feedback can be available instantly, and staff hours can be easily tracked. With Virtual Badge, you can host better events because your staff will be connected to your event attendees.

Let Every Worker Participate In Safety Management

One of the most important roles of any manager is to be aware of safety issues at a job-site and respond to them as quickly as possible. Often times with traditional EHS software, only stakeholders are given the ability to report problems, which keeps everyday workers from reporting what they encounter. Instead, with digital ID badges, any worker can instantly submit a safety issue, which gives managers the capability of responding to fix problems more quickly. Virtual Badge also keeps a record of every issue filed, meaning historical logs can be easily produced for insurance or other audits. With Virtual Badge, any worker can participate in safety management, which leads to better outcomes across the whole job-site.

Simple Time & Attendance Tracking

Time tracking can be combined with a digital ID badge for an easy and simple way to track hours worked either for the day or at a particular job-site. Rather than setting up punch card stations or using old school sign-in sheets, once a Virtual Badge has been issued, a worker can be scanned in or out, they can clock themselves in or out, or they can be checked in or out via GPS. Managers can create different job-zones and create time log reports for each zone or for selected employees, during any time-frame — Virtual Badge makes it easier for everyone to track their time.

Better Visitor Management Processes

Improper management of visitor identification can lead to huge problems at organizations or facilities. Sometimes it can be next to impossible to retrieve old visitor badges, and often these can still be used to gain entry long after they were supposedly expired. Eliminate this problem by using digital ID badges, which can be pre-issued to visitors and expired when they leave. Virtual Badge can create temporary ID badges that let managers know who is coming, when they’ll arrive, who they will be visiting, and where they will go once on-site. Managers can then communicate with visitors, see their locations if necessary, and know exactly who is currently on-site. With Virtual Badge, you can upgrade your visitor management processes for increased safety and security.

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