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What Are Digital ID Cards & How Do They Work?

Virtual Badge is a cloud-based ID card system that instantly creates remote controlled badges that can't be faked or lost.

Works on iOS and Android

The Virtual Badge app works on Apple and Android devices.

Remote Controlled ID Badges

Virtual Badges can be requested, approved, and denied remotely, allowing for convenience and speed.

Customized To Your Organization

Create ID badges that are customized with your organization’s name, logos, titles, and more.

Take A Selfie For Your Badge Photo

Requesting a badge is simple - just take a selfie and fill out any required fields.

Advanced Security Features

Each Virtual Badge has an encrypted QR code that can be scanned. Virtual Badges are safe and secure: they can’t be faked and can’t be lost.

Automatic Badge Expiration

Don't worry about expired badges still being used - when a Virtual Badge is expired it can't be used.

Works Offline

Virtual Badge is designed to work offline. In any environment or location, you can display a badge.

Badges For Mobile HR Management

Virtual Badge can plug into existing HR processes to let stakeholders manage their personnel in real-time.

API Integration - Automatically Create Badges

Use the Virtual Badge API to automatically create, revoke, and update badges based on statuses in your organization's existing HR software.

Mobile Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technologies can make sure that your badge-holders are who they say they are.

Mobile Background Checks

Improve safety & security by automatically issuing ID badges based on a background check or drug test result.

Track Worker Certifications & Skills

Badge-holders can upload the credentials your organization requires when they apply for their badges, and Virtual Badge will track these certifications automatically.

Manage Regulatory Compliance

Make it easier to tell that workers are compliant. If a certification or credential goes out of date, their badge will expire.

Send Messages & Alerts To Badges

Send messages & alerts to badge-holders instead of annoying group texts and emails.

Badges For Workforce Management

Virtual Badges can double as a workforce management solution to help managers improve productivity and reduce risk.

Perform Faster Field Service

Send tasks & track work completion because Virtual Badge gives an open line of communication from the back office to the field.

Situational Awareness

Virtual Badge helps managers see important information like client requests, issues & work status reports in real-time.

Mobile Event Management

Connect your staff with event attendees to reduce response times to issues and keep a real-time feedback channel open.

Report Safety Issues

Virtual Badge lets any worker participate in safety management while on-site by submitting forms that are time, date stamped, geocoded & tied to the submitter’s ID.

Time & Attendance Tracking

With digital IDs, time can be tracked as soon as a worker arrives on-site and stakeholders can download attendance logs, man-count reports, and reports showing overall hours worked.

Visitor Management

Create temporary ID badges for visitors to your facilities and know when they'll arrive, who they'll be visiting, and where they go on-site.

Pay Contractors Easily

Virtual Badge and Interchecks make it easy for you to pay your contractors and manage 1099 compliance with one-click payments.

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