Background Check Your People More Easily

Background Checks Are A Seamless Process With Virtual Badge

Easier Worker Screenings With Virtual Badge

It can be a real pain to handle background screenings for employees, temporary or not. Most of the time, organizations issue badges but there's no easy way to renew or keep track of them. With Virtual Badge, we can make sure that your workers are screened and stay compliant.

Virtual Badge turns the onboarding and background check nightmare into a simple process. You can manage every step from your smartphone or browser. With Virtual Badge you will always know who has access to your facilities and who doesn't. You'll always know who has a valid check and badge, and you'll know who needs to get re-checked and when.

Improve Onboarding Speed With Mobile Background Checks

Issue a background check and badge at the same time, making onboarding and personnel vetting much easier and quicker. Virtual Badge will notify you and your people of when they need to get their background check re-issued or when a credential will expire. Reduce your risk and exposure by being able to manage your peoples' badges and background checks with your smartphone.

  • Download The Virtual Badge Mobile App For iOS And Android
  • New Hires, Contractors, & Volunteers Apply For Their Virtual Badge
  • Virtual Badge Runs A Background Check
  • If The Background Check Is Passed, A Virtual Badge Is Automatically Issued

How Do I Use This In The Real World?

In Healthcare

Onboard and issue badges to vendors, contractors, and visitors to improve security, compliance, and safety.

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For Contractors

Manage a remote contractor force more efficiently and get those workers on the job more quickly than ever before.

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In Construction

Make your HR department’s job easier because they’ll always know that every worker has been onboarded and badged.

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