Connect Background Checks To Your ID Cards

Improve trust and safety by combining ID badges with background checks & drug testing

Combine Digital ID Badges With Background Checks To Improve Safety, Trust & Compliance

Make it easier for everyone involved by using Virtual Badge, which is a turnkey contractor background screening and drug testing solution. Virtual Badge helps employers with quickly verifying and badging their contractors so they can be quickly authorized to begin work.

Virtual Badge offers the following capabilities for rapid, on-demand, mobile contractor background screenings:

1) Only electronic badge tied to a comprehensive background check and/or drug test

2) Auto-issued and activated upon successful completion of screening

3) Date stamped and auto-expires

4) Photo auto-populates to ensure total authenticity

5) QR code embedded for easy in-field validation

6) Color coding on each badge with private labeling

7) Management tool for entire badged population

  • Apply For A Background Check & Submit Information
  • Take A Selfie Photo
  • Upload A Photo Of Government-Issued ID Card
  • Submit Application
  • Background Check Is Run
  • Virtual Badge Is Automatically Issued If User Passes Background Check

Virtual Badge Supports These Background Checks:

How Do I Use This In The Real World?

In Healthcare

Onboard and issue badges to vendors, contractors, and visitors to improve security, compliance, and safety.

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For Contractors

Manage a remote contractor force more efficiently and get those workers on the job more quickly than ever before.

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In Construction

Make your HR department’s job easier because they’ll always know that every worker has been onboarded and badged.

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