Vet, Validate & Verify Your Contractor Force

Virtual Badge streamlines contractor management into one simple mobile app.

Issue smart ID badges that help you hire, inspire, and fire your contractors-- on demand.


Identity Verification

Background Checks

Compliance Tracking

Time Tracking

Field Service

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Digital ID Cards That Make Contractor Hiring, Compliance & Identification Easier

Make onboarding, vetting & ID badging easier for everyone — collect contractor information, issue a Virtual Badge, and manage their compliance.

Virtual Badge is the simplest & easiest solution to get your contractors hired, identified & on the job.

Badge & Identify Every Worker

Large contractor programs can have thousands of workers and very high turnover.

With tons of contractors, not knowing who is who causes money to be lost.

By using Virtual Badge to get around any identification problems, you'll know:

- Who the contractor is

- What company they work for, their job-title, and their time on-site

- Why the person is on-site, what skills they have, and their work status

Onboard Contractors In Seconds

Do you have trouble managing your contractor force? Some companies can't deal with lost badges, onboarding delays & mailing costs. Is your vendor program driving you nuts?

Virtual Badge solves contractor ID badging problems like:

- You can't identify who is currently in your contractor program.

- Your contractors can't start work because they are waiting for their ID badges in the mail.

- Your ID badging program costs too much because of lost badges, broken printers, etc.

- You can't control ID badges once issued or when a contractor quits your vendor program.

Tie ID Cards To Background Checks

A bad background screening process can cause huge problems down the line. Legal problems and damage to your company's reputation can be a nightmare.

Thankfully, Virtual Badge simplifies complex background / drug screening processes.

Protect your company by:

- Issuing the only ID badges directly tied to a background check or drug test

- Only issuing an ID badge if the contractor passes their background screening

- Automatically expiring their ID badges if their background check expires

- Automatically expiring ID badges if a crime or violation happens.

ID Badges That Track Licenses & Credentials

Managing contractor requirements can be a nightmare without good tools. Can you produce compliance docs on the spot?

Do you know what happens if a worker gets hurt on the job without valid certifications?

Virtual Badge keeps your contractor force compliant by:

- Requiring contractors to upload licenses, certifications, or other documentation.

- Tracking uploaded documentation & alerting stakeholders when a certification is about to expire.

- Deactivating their ID badges if they don't upload new documentation when they need to.

ID Badges That Track Contractor Time

Is it difficult for your organization to accurately track contractor time? Get rid of contractor time tracking problems by using ID cards that do the work for you.

With Virtual Badge, each contractor has their own time log which you can export at any time.

Virtual Badge offers these time tracking options:

1) Scan the QR code on each Virtual Badge to scan them in or out of a job-site or task.

2) Let Virtual Badge-holders “self” check-in/out of a particular job-site or task

3) Setup a GPS-based “geofence” to automatically clock workers in or out

Faster Field Service

Using pen and paper and phone calls to manage field service can cause huge problems.

Get around delays, miscommunication, and unhappy clients by using Virtual Badge for field service. With digital ID badges you can:

1) Let contractors submit job status reports that you will receive instantly, including photos & timing

2) Customize Virtual Badge to add any of your custom forms or documentation

3) Let customers report issues or request service, which lets you respond faster

4) Document problems, job completions, and collect required signatures

"We used plastic badges before Virtual Badge. Now, we know who is non-compliant and can get thousands of our contractors on the job at least 7 days sooner."

Wade Wyatt, Compliance Manager @ Lumber LiquidatorsVendor Management Industry

The Only ID Badges Built For Contractor Management

Combine ID badging with workforce management so you'll know what's going on across your entire contractor program.


Know what's going on across your job-site. Virtual Badge gives you full visibility and control over field operations by knowing who, what, where, when, and why.

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Make Contractors
Follow The Rules

Making sure your contractors are compliant is a pain. Traditional processes make it difficult to know if everyone has dotted the i's and crossed the t's. With Virtual Badge, you don't have to worry about any of that.

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Faster Field

Virtual Badge provides a project management-level view of what’s going on at each of your jobs or work-sites. Your contractors can submit daily status reports detailing the current work phase and any related issues.

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Verify Contractor

Virtual Badge upgrades your company’s ability to ensure that your contractors are doing what they agreed to. Separate the bad apples from the bunch because your team will have ability to tell which contractors are rotten and which ones are good.

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  • Trustworthiness and the Gig Economy

    While not contractors or gig workers, the remote workforce- those who never directly interface with the core of the company operation, present similar challenges. Their identities must be vetted, and their ID markers must be authoritative.

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Digital ID Badges Increase
Trust Regarding Contractors

Don't be stuck in the past with the way you manage contractors. With on demand onboarding & ID badging, Virtual Badge is the quickest and easiest way to hire, manage, and fire your contractor force. Virtual Badge connects your back office to every worker in the field.

  • On Demand ID Badging
  • Mobile Onboarding
  • HR System Integration
  • Background Screening Integration
  • Store & Track Certifications
  • Compliance Management
  • Visitor Management
  • Messaging & Alerts

Add Identity For Better Workforce Management

Virtual Badge combines identity with workforce management. Add identity into every aspect of your contractor operations and gain greater visibility over what's going on. Know about issues, requests, and how long it took to do each job. Virtual Badge has got your contractor operations covered.

  • Workforce Management
  • Track Time & Presence
  • Tasking & Assignments
  • Audit Logs
  • Field Service Management
  • Safety Management
  • Risk Management
  • Situational Awareness

Badge &
Identify Contractors

Virtual Badge lets you issue ID badges on demand to any contractor who joins your program.

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Keep track of required compliance documentation & know who needs additional training.

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Use Virtual Badge to expedite contractor onboarding by more than 1 week.

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Report & Track

Any contractor can use their Virtual Badge app to report a safety, quality, or scheduling issue.

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Time / Attendance

Eliminate problems caused by pen-and-paper time tracking systems and always know who & how long.

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Create Situational

Know what's happening - Virtual Badge lets you know exactly what's going on at any given time.

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Communicate With
Virtual Badges

Skip group texts by using Virtual Badge to send messages to any badge-holder at any time.

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Virtual Badge makes sure everybody follows the same set of safety rules & procedures.

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Virtual Badge makes field service easier by letting you know who, what, when, where, and why.

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Different Ways To Use Virtual Badge for Contractor Management

Issue badges with ease, and manage your people, their compliance, and the work they do from just your mobile phone. It's that easy with Virtual Badge!

Join thousands of happy Virtual Badge users today!

"Before Virtual Badge, we had to collect mountains of paperwork from our contractors and it was hard to tell who had which certifications. Thankfully, this problem disappeared when we started using Virtual Badge."

Victor Mannina, Superintendent @ Clayco Construction Industry

"We use Virtual Badge to onboard our security contractors and make sure they document any issues they encounter downtown."

Catherine Ast, Services Manager @ West Palm Beach DDA Local Government

"We share a mutual commitment to utilize mobile technology and are proud to have secured this integration with Virtual Badge, an industry-leading identity and workforce management solution."

Robert Vale, CEO @ Clearstar Background Check Industry

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