Eliminate Construction Management Headaches

It can be a real pain to coordinate workers and manage projects.
With Virtual Badge, you can onboard workers and coordinate projects with ease.
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Dealing with issues such as OSHA certification tracking, managing temporary badges, and onboarding workers can cause big headaches. Eliminate issues with Virtual Badge: mobile construction management.
Virtual Badge helps you onboard workers, coordinate projects, and issue temporary badges. Virtual Badge is a mobile construction management software that connects you to your workers, so you can get be more efficient and get more work done.
Coordinate Projects, Onboard Workers, and Issue Temporary Badges
Onboard Workers
Construction Badges
OSHA Certification Tracking
Coordinate Projects
Temporary Badges
Coordinate Workers
Mobile Construction Management
Smart badges redefine identity and project management because you can coordinate projects and coordinate workers with ease. Onboard workers more easily and track OSHA certifications for your people and contractors with temporary badges. Virtual Badge is mobile construction management made easy!
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