Contractor Management Made Easy
Virtual Badge streamlines your people, documentation, and projects to help you provide a more safe and productive workplace.
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Contractor management issues can cause real headaches. Delays in processing contractor documentation can keep new hires from getting on the job-site quickly and can really hurt the bottom line. Proper safety management while on-site and making sure that the work gets done correctly can also be big challenges. Eliminate issues with Virtual Badge, a smart badging system for your contractors. 

Virtual Badge helps you solve contractor management issues by connecting you to your people. Process contractor documentation online and get new hires on the job faster. Perform safety management more easily to reduce risk, and respond immediately to any issues.
Virtual Badge: Contractor Management Made Easy
Contractor Management
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Contractor Documentation
Safety Management
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Contractor Management Made Easy
Redefine the contractor management process for your company with Virtual Badge. Get your people on-site quicker because you'll be able to manage contractor documentation and issue contractor badges online. Improve safety management and respond to issues immediately because you'll be connected to your people at all times.
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