Manage Contractors With
Your Smartphone
Virtual Badge can help you with headaches caused by managing contractors.
Issue smartphone ID cards that can track time on-site, worker qualifications, job assignments, and more!
Issue Virtual Badges Now
Virtual Badge can help your organization anywhere, anytime.  With Virtual Badge, your organization will be connected at all times.  Improve your efficiency and solve headaches related to getting the right information to the right person at the right time.

Virtual Badge can help you solve issues with contractor management.  Improve productivity and solve personnel and workforce management issues.  Audit contractor work easily because smartphone IDs help your organization eliminate communication gaps, create project assessments easier, and track time on-site.
Coordinate Complex Projects & Mobile Workers With Virtual Badge
Remote Onboarding
Use your smartphone to issue contractor badges remotely, and greatly reduce the time and labor costs for onboarding.
Compliance Documentation
Ensure that your contractors have the required skills for your jobs.  Store important credentials with Virtual Badge for compliance.
Safety Management
Virtual Badge helps you encourage and monitor worker safety.  Know which workers are safe and which aren't.
Background Checks
Combine background checks with Virtual Badge to provide assurance that your workers are properly screened to work.
Project Management
Manage projects from your smartphone.  Know what happened every day and respond to issues quicker.
Job-Site Assessments
Digitally submit site assessments that can include photos and signatures.  Stop losing paperwork today.
Tasks and Assignments
Let your workers know what they're supposed to be doing at all times.  Send tasks to their Virtual Badges.
Time Tracking
Automatically track the amount of time your workers spend on-site.  Prevent disputes and gain accountability.  

Reduce Direct Labor Costs With Virtual Badges
Virtual Badge upgrades identity and project management by directly connecting your workers. With Virtual Badge, you can replace obsolete processes related to issuing badges, verifying employee credentials, and collecting job-site data. 
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