ID Badges That Streamline Membership Management

For membership organizations who need a better way to manage, identify, and engage with their members, Virtual Badge is a simple, quick, and easy mobile solution.

Solve your membership management problems today with Virtual Badge, a cloud-based ID card system that makes managing members easier for everyone involved.

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ID Badges That Can Register, Identify, & Manage Your Members

Digital ID cards solve time consuming registration, payment, and communication issues that keep membership organizations from scaling.

Virtual Badge is an all-in-one membership management platform that combines member badging, registration, events, and communication into one mobile app.

What Kind Of Membership Organizations Can Use Virtual Badge?

Virtual Badge is designed to meet the needs for a wide range of membership organizations such as:

Got questions?

Check out the Virtual Badge Frequently Asked Questions to get answers:

ID Badges That Improve Member Engagement, Feedback & Events

Don’t be frustrated by delays or problems caused by needing phone calls, spreadsheets, or pen and paper to manage your members.

Virtual Badge means mobile tools that you can use to improve communication, coordination, and event management.

  • Easier Event Management

    The Virtual Badge mobile app makes it easier to create and manage events than with any traditional method. Simplify everything for your members and administrators by making it easy to issue temporary event tickets that double as communication and coordination tools.

    Use the mobile app to collect important registration information, send messages to attendees, and assign tasks to event staff. Track staff time for volunteer hours reporting, store event feedback data and create reports at any time.

    With Virtual Badge, you can create better and smoother running events by easily connecting attendees to your staff.

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  • Improve Communications & Engagement

    It can be difficult to communicate with a large list of members with traditional methods like phone calls and group texts. This can sometimes lead to communication breakdowns and a lack of awareness and engagement from your members.

    Virtual Badge is a simple way to increase communications between your organization and members. Administrators can communicate with members by sending them PUSH notifications to their mobile app. PUSH notifications can be sent to any member, groups of members, or members at a specific event.

    With Virtual Badge, your organization can stay in touch to keep engagement high - keep everyone informed by sending news updates, messages, and event notifications to their membership ID badges.

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  • Receive Instant Feedback

    Staying up to date on whether or not things are going well for your members can be hard to do, and if members aren’t happy the entire organization may suffer. Get around this issue by using digital ID badges to receive instant feedback from your members.

    Virtual Badge lets your organization create surveys and forms that any member can submit at any time. Collect real-time data on member feedback, event progress, and more — any type of form can be put into the mobile app.

    With Virtual Badge, it’s easy to know if your members are satisfied or not, and make the appropriate adjustments.

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Virtual Badge Case Study: Buffalo Valley Youth Association

Learn about how Virtual Badge is used to improve the way membership organizations operate, identify their members, and improve communication.

The Future of Identity Management

The world's first smartphone ID system is your passkey to everything. Simple, safe, and secure, Virtual Badge elevates identity management for your organization. Eliminate onboarding headaches, immediately improve compliance, and empower your badge-holders with additional capabilities no plastic ID card can offer.

  • Mobile Onboarding & Badging
  • HR System Integration
  • Credential Storage & Certificate Validation
  • Background Screening Integration
  • Job-Site Time & Location Tracking
  • Visitor Management
  • Messaging & Alerts
  • 1099-Compliant Contractor Payments

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