Vetting, Validation & Verification For Healthcare Organizations

Virtual Badge is an all-in-one identity, compliance, and risk management solution for healthcare.

Issue digital ID badges that solve onboarding, credentialing, and workforce management headaches.

Cloud-Based Identification & Credentialing Keeps You In Control

Onboarding delays, credentialing problems, and out-of-date ID cards cause difficult issues for healthcare organizations.

Virtual Badge is designed to keep healthcare organizations up-to-date with who has an ID badge, what they are credentialed for, and when they need to update documentation.

  • Onboard & Identify Your People Faster & Easier

    When managing healthcare facilities, not knowing who people are, can cause a wide range of security, risk exposure, liability, and insurance problems. Whether they are a contractor, staff member, visitor, or patient, they need to be identified, and this is where traditional badging & identity management systems can fall by the wayside.

    Normally it wastes a lot of time and effort to onboard and badge someone, including badging software training, in-person meetings, and lots of paperwork — can you imagine a future where all of this can be done remotely, from a mobile app, in just minutes?

    Well that future is here now, because of Virtual Badge. Instead of being frustrated by long visitor lines, delays that keep workers from starting, and upset customers & patients, appreciate the time and peace of mind gained by using Virtual Badge.

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  • Ensure Everyone Is Properly Credentialed

    Credentialing continues to be a necessary pain in the neck for the healthcare industry at large. With potentially thousands of different workers providing services every day, making sure that they are all compliant can be a daunting task, which sometimes falls by the wayside or gets outsourced to 3rd party companies that don’t have the same vested interests. Negligent or improper credentialing is a form of direct liability.

    Because the Joint Commission has no accepted national standards that specifically address vendor credentialing, it can be the “wild west” with regards to information privacy, data sharing, 3rd party access, and even data breaches. Because of these problems, Virtual Badge is designed to use ANSI Standard SC 1-2019 Standard for Supplier Credentialing in Healthcare.

    With Virtual Badge, your team can take control of the credentialing process and implement it for any vendor who works in your facilities. Ensure compliance today with a process that you fully control, and take steps to avoid risks to the continuity and reputation of your organization.

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ID Badges That Improve Security & Situational Awareness

Don’t let a lack of situational awareness or a bad visitor management program compromise security at your healthcare facility.

Become aware of issues and problems as they happen because Virtual Badge makes it easier to keep vendors, visitors, patients & staff safe.

  • 24/7 Situational Awareness

    Have you ever been unaware of ongoing issues at your facilities? The larger & more complex your organization, the more blind spots there are. Virtual Badge is designed to identify problems as they occur, so your organization can greatly reduce response times to solve issues faster, and thus reduce liability.

    Virtual Badge connects management with badge-holders to provide situational awareness of any activities performed on-site. With Virtual Badge, you can know who they are, where they’re going, how long they’ve stayed, and if they are authorized to be there. Rather than making phone calls and sorting through paperwork, let your staff submit issues electronically, and use Virtual Badge to send tasks to your people to fix the issues.

    With Virtual Badge you can gain a bird’s-eye view of activities at your facilities, and can instantly respond to any issues as they occur.

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  • Digital ID Badges For Visitor Management

    Keeping track of visitors is an essential part of managing any healthcare security program. It can be really difficult to know who is currently on-site and keep track of where they go. Not knowing where people go, or if they are even on-site, can have very bad consequences if there are bad actors present. With many traditional visitor management systems, monitoring stops once the visitor leaves the security desk, meaning almost anything can happen.

    Get around visitor management issues by using Virtual Badge, a digital identity system. Ignore long lines because visitors can pre-register before they even set foot in your facilities, meaning your team will know who they are, where they are going, and who they will be seeing. When your team approves their badge, they can be monitored while inside your facility via GPS-based geofences. Once they leave, their Virtual Badge can automatically expire, so you don’t have to worry about re-entry. Virtual Badge can make managing and controlling access much easier.

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Got questions?

Check out the Virtual Badge Frequently Asked Questions to get answers:

ID Badges For Personnel Management & Emergencies

Problems in managing construction projects, home healthcare operations, and emergency situations can have huge consequences for healthcare organizations.

With Virtual Badge, your team can take advantage of capabilities that optimize construction projects, remote worker management, and emergency response.

  • Manage Capital Construction Projects

    For healthcare companies, performing construction work can sometimes be a black hole. Not only is funding hard to come by, but issues with minimizing costs and optimizing efficiency can totally sink a project. When trying to protect the bottom line, managers can greatly benefit from tools that help them control things like project plans, cost creep, and compliance. Enter Virtual Badge.

    Virtual Badge is a construction management solution in use by national level general contractors. With Virtual Badge, stakeholders have the ability to badge, credential, and keep track of work done by any construction worker. Instead of spending hours onboarding new workers and collecting their documentation, put them through a custom Virtual Badge workflow that’s quick, easy to complete, and specific to the current project. From there, the system will store all compliance information and then provide a record of each worker’s entry and exit from your construction sites.

    With Virtual Badge, you can close any gaps at your construction projects.

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  • Accountability For Remote Workers

    Home healthcare programs can sometimes be full of issues. Companies need good ways for workers to identify themselves, keep track of the work they’ve done, and ensure good patient outcomes. Without ways to monitor what actually happens at patient homes, it is typically very difficult to know if there are ways to improve service, or if there are issues that need to be corrected.

    With Virtual Badge, home healthcare workers have an all-in-one solution that they can use to identify themselves to patients, self-manage their required credentials, and track the amount of time they spend rendering care. This improves operational efficiency and allows the organization to better respond to issues and perform more comprehensive work audits to improve patient safety and care outcomes.

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  • Improve Emergency Management Capabilities

    Emergency management is a key component of any healthcare facility. When something drastic goes wrong, without the proper tools and procedures in place, things can quickly spiral out of control. Ensuring that the proper resources get used at the appropriate times & places can be really difficult during emergency situations.

    Virtual Badge is an award winning emergency management system that has been used at more than 30 emergency responses, including some of the worst national and global disasters. The software works even without connectivity, and can be used to identify first responders, volunteers, and other stakeholders, as well as keep track of work that gets done. After the fact, Virtual Badge can be used to perform work audits and submit any required data for reimbursement and later analysis.

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The Future of Identity Management

The world's first smartphone ID system is your passkey to everything. Simple, safe, and secure, Virtual Badge elevates identity management for your organization. Eliminate onboarding headaches, immediately improve compliance, and empower your badge-holders with additional capabilities no plastic ID card can offer.

  • Mobile Onboarding & Badging
  • HR System Integration
  • Credential Storage & Certificate Validation
  • Background Screening Integration
  • Job-Site Time & Location Tracking
  • Visitor Management
  • Messaging & Alerts
  • 1099-Compliant Contractor Payments

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