Use The Virtual Badge API

Use The Virtual Badge API

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Instantly Issue & Revoke Badges via API

Managing a traditional badging system is labor intensive and can be a pain for both administrators and badge-holders. For instance, issuing a plastic ID badge usually requires an in person meeting taking up everyone’s time, and revoking a badge usually requires the administrator to chase down the badge-holder.

Virtual Badge is designed to plug into your company’s internal systems so you can instantly issue, revoke, edit, or deactivate badges automatically, via API. Different statuses, criteria, or events in your internal system can send an alert to the Virtual Badge API which can greatly eliminate the time your team spends managing badges.

Virtual Badge helps companies avoid security and risks because the API automatically completes tasks that, if forgotten or done incorrectly, can create big problem downstream.

Software is supposed to help eliminate unnecessary tasks and procedures. That's why we created an API for Virtual Badge so that companies that use HR, workforce management, accounting, and access control software products could automate Virtual Badge functions.

For instance, the Virtual Badge API can automatically create badges or automatically send tasks. The API even lets Virtual Badge connect to external credentialing repositories to provide a rapid way to credential workers. With the Virtual Badge API, administration can be completely automated, making the onboarding & badge issuance process completely seamless.

How Can Integrating With Virtual Badge Help Me?

Integration with Virtual Badge can help remove administration related to onboarding workers, issuing badges, and sending data to other systems. Virtual Badge has a REST API that is easy to use and well documented.

  • Issue Virtual Badges Automatically

  • Eliminate Onboarding Administration

  • Connect Virtual Badge To External Services & Repositories

  • Issue Background Checks Through Virtual Badge

  • Connect Multiple Internal Services To Virtual Badge Like Payroll & ERP

  • Virtual Badge Is Your PassKey To Everything

How Do I Use This In The Real World?

In Healthcare

Credentialing reps is way easier because Virtual Badge connects to the centralized C4UHC database.

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For Contractors

Pay your contractors immediately or whenever they want with the Virtual Badge / Interchecks integration.

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In Construction

Connect Virtual Badge to your internal HR system and issue badges automatically once requirements are met.

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