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What Is A Virtual Badge And How Does It Work?

Virtual Badge lets you create remote controlled ID badges that can't be faked or lost.

Works on iOS and Android

Virtual Badge is a digital ID badging app that works on Apple and Android devices.

Remote Controlled ID Badges

Virtual Badges can be requested, approved, and denied remotely, allowing for convenience and speed.

Customized To Your Organization

Create ID badges that are customized with your organization’s name, logos, titles, and more.

Take A Selfie For Your Badge Photo

Requesting a badge is simple - just take a selfie and fill out any required fields.

Advanced Security Features

Each Virtual Badge has an encrypted QR code that can be scanned. Virtual Badges are safe and secure: they can’t be faked and can’t be lost.

Integrate With Virtual Badge

Stop repetitive badge-making tasks when a new worker is onboarded.

Instead, use the Virtual Badge API to automatically issue their badge.

Automatically Issue Virtual Badges

Automatically create an ID badge when a worker or new hire meets certain criteria.

Link Virtual Badges To Internal Data

The Virtual Badge API means ID badges don't exist in a vacuum anymore.

Eliminate Repetitive Tasks

Add Virtual Badges to any onboarding process to spend less time on administration.

Store / Validate Worker Credentials & Certifications

Keeping track of worker licenses, certifications & credentials is tough, especially with a lot of people.

Make it easier by letting Virtual Badge manage credentials for you.

Fully Customizable Onboarding Processes

Transform a pen and paper onboarding process into a faster, more convenient mobile one.

Collect & Validate Uploaded Documentation

Badge-holders can upload their certifications and Virtual Badge can verify they're real.

Manage Worker Skills With Credential Expiration Reminders

Virtual Badge sends expiration reminders when it's time to upload a new certificate.

Make Background Checks Easier With Virtual Badge

While background checks are a standard part of vetting new hires, they are almost never linked to the badge itself and take too long.

Make onboarding easier and badges more meaningful by using Virtual Badge to perform the background check.

On-Demand Background Checks Make Hiring Easier

Virtual Badge is a one-stop shop for onboarding and background checks.

Reduce Risk With Continuous Background Screen Monitoring

Improve assurance at all times by using continuous background monitoring.

Improve Customer Assurance With Background Check Proof On Each Badge

Workers can show their Virtual Badge to customers as proof they've been vetted.

Track Time & Location At The Job-Site

Sign-in sheets and check-in kiosks are annoying, but walking on-site and automatically being checked-in isn't.

Virtual Badge automates job-site management.

Automatic, GPS-Based Check-In/Out For Job-Sites

Eliminate time card disputes and let workers automatically check-in and out of the job-site.

Locate Workers While On-Site

Improve safety and coordination by sending alerts to reveal worker locations while on-site.

Mobile Data Collection, Tasking & Surveys

Send tasks to workers and let them complete surveys that are tied to their Virtual Badge account.

Pre-Register Visitors & Know Where They Go

Visitor management can be difficult when using old school methods.

Upgrade visitor management for 2019 and let managers know "Who" they are, "When" they'll arrive, and "Who" they'll be seeing.

Pre-Registration & Temporary Auto-Expiring Badges

Visitors can pre-register before they even arrive to save everyone time and make check-in easier.

Locate Visitors While They Are On-Site

Improve security by sending alerts that reveal visitor locations while on-site.

Download Hours Logs & Attendance Reports

Managers can download reports that detail who entered what facility and when they left.

Send Messages & Communicate More Easily

Group texts can be really frustrating and annoying for everyone.

Stop looking up contact info and start sending Virtual Badge messages.

Send Messages To Virtual Badge-Holders

Make internal or external communication easier by not sending group text messages.

Easily Accessible Contact Details

Don't lose contact details anymore because Virtual Badge stores them for all badge-holders.

Create Customized Forms & Surveys

Increase communication and the ability to provide good feedback with custom forms and surveys.

1099-Compliant Contractor Payments

Most payroll systems aren't setup to pay 1099 contractors easily. Virtual Badge is.

Easy 1099 Tax Compliance

Eliminate payout friction by using Interchecks, which is designed for 1099 contractor payments.

One-Step Mobile Payments

Make it easier to send & receive money because Virtual Badge + Interchecks provide one-step payments.

Quicker & Easier Than Traditional Payroll

Simply record time on-site, enter the worker's wage and press "send" to get contractors paid.

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