Issue Remote Controlled ID Badges

Stop dealing with the headaches of plastic ID badges.

Virtual Badge means using cloud-based ID badges that can be issued and managed remotely.

Make ID Badging Way Easier For Everyone

Virtual Badge gives your organization remote control over every ID badge. With Virtual Badge, you can issue, revoke, edit, or expire a digital ID card instantly, which means new hires can get badges in seconds, and if someone gets fired your business will never have to worry about bad actors abusing your company’s reputation.

Once a traditional plastic ID badge has been issued, it’s really hard for organizations to control what happens to the badge. Often, badges are lost, stolen, and misused, with the issuer having zero knowledge or awareness that badges are being shared, or if fired individuals are still using issued badges for access or to gain business.

Virtual Badges are remote controlled ID badges that give your organization more control. Issue, revoke, and expire digital ID badges by using the Virtual Badge mobile app. Remote controlled ID badges protect your reputation and demonstrate a commitment to safety by lowering risk and ensuring only authorized people have active ID badges.

Stop losing ID badges and wasting money. Follow these simple steps and start using Virtual Badge today!

  • Download The Virtual Badge App On iOS Or Android
  • Register Your Account
  • Request A Badge From Your Organization
  • Take A Selfie & Upload Any Required Documentation
  • Get Your Badge Reviewed & Approved By An Administrator
  • Use Your Virtual Badge Immediately

How Can I Use Remote Controlled ID Badges?

Learn About How Brand Momentum Uses Virtual Badge To Issue IDs To Remote Contractors

How Do I Use This In The Real World?

For Vendor Management

Make your contractor onboarding process faster and keep your vendors from misusing any ID badges you've issued.

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For Background Checks

Simplify the hiring and firing process and never need to hand out or collect an ID badge from an employee ever again.

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For Schools

Virtual Badge is a far easier and cheaper way to create ID badges for members. No more mailed or expired ID badges.

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