How Brand Momentum Makes Merchandiser Identification Easier

How Brand Momentum Makes Merchandiser Identification Easier

How Brand Momentum Makes Merchandiser Identification Easier By Using Virtual Badge


Brand Momentum is an award winning, Canadian-based sales, marketing, and retail agency specialized in deploying focused sales & merchandising professionals to represent their client’s brands. Brand Momentum’s merchandisers work in malls, grocery, and department stores to create engaging displays that effectively communicate their clients’ value. Some familiar brands include Intuit, S.C. Johnson, and L’Oreal.


Because Brand Momentum deals with merchandising at retail locations across the entirety of Canada, there is a need to identify their workers at each job location. Using plastic ID cards ended up being too much trouble because:

1) Workers may be hired in areas far away from Brand Momentum’s Montreal & Toronto offices

2) The time to mail a badge meant a worker couldn’t start work immediately

3) The cost (in both labor and supplies) to make a plastic ID badge was cost prohibitive

4) Brand Momentum is one of Canada’s fastest growing companies so a rapid solution was needed


Seeing the need for a rapid identification service, Brand Momentum reached out to Virtual Badge. Since Virtual Badges can be created / issued / rejected on-demand, Brand Momentum saw digital ID badges as the ideal solution for their growing workforce.

Virtual Badge helped set up an identification and badging process for Brand Momentum so that:

1) Upon being hired, each worker just downloads the Virtual Badge mobile app to apply for their badge.

2) Each worker can display a badge that authorizes them for work on behalf of both Brand Momentum and the Client.

3) Each Virtual Badge is issued instantly to the applicant upon admin approval and can be deactivated when the worker quits or is terminated.


Virtual Badge has been successfully implemented at Brand Momentum. ID badging issues have simply “gone away” and HR managers only have to “click buttons” rather than go through the annoying process of physically making a badge, mailing it, and then having to collect it after an employee quits. Brand Momentum has come to rely on digital IDs for its identification needs, and is a proud member of the Virtual Badge family.