Virtual Badge For
Certification Management

Use Digital ID Badges To Store & Track
Certifications, Licenses, Or Credentials

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Credential Workers With Virtual Badge & Keep Track Of Their Licenses & Certifications

Collect, store and track different certifications for employees, workers, contractors, and more by using the Virtual Badge mobile app. Badge-holders can upload the credentials your organization requires when they apply for their badges, and Virtual Badge will track these certifications automatically. When a certification like an OSHA or equipment training is about to go out of date, both the badge-holder and administrator will be notified. If the certification expires, the organization can set the worker’s Virtual Badge to automatically deactivate until the credential has been updated and re-certified. By storing and tracking different credentials and certifications, digital ID badges can lower risk and make it easier to focus on operations, not compliance.

  • Administrators Create Custom Virtual Badge Onboarding Process To Collect Certifications
  • Employees, Workers, Contractors & Volunteers Create A Virtual Badge Account And Request Their Badges
  • Workers Take Selfie Photos & Upload Required Documentation Or Certifications
  • Administrators Verify Uploaded Documentation & Approve / Issue ID Badges
  • Once Approved, Workers Can Show Their Certifications With Their Digital ID Badges
  • If A Certification Is About To Expire, The Worker & Administrators Will Be Alerted
  • If A Certification Expires, The Worker’s Virtual Badge Can Be Set To Automatically Deactivate
  • When The Certification Is Updated And Approved, The Worker’s Virtual Badge Will Reactivate

What Are Examples Of Certifications I Can Store With Virtual Badge?

How Do I Use This In The Real World?

  • For Healthcare

    Manage and keep track of required health certifications for employees and vendors who work at your facilities.

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  • For Contractors

    Ensure your contractor force is compliant with your rules and regulations to prevent any issues.

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  • For Schools

    Make sure subcontractors have up-to-date certifications when they operate machinery or do work.

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