Improve Communication and Coordination

Upgrade Internal & External Messaging For Your Organization

The Problem With Business Communication Today

When you have a lot of people in your organization, communicating with them easily can be quite a challenge. For instance, it can be a pain to look up contact information for members, contractors, or even other employees. Also, sending group texts is really annoying to everyone involved.

Virtual Badge is a way for you to easily communicate with your employees, contractors, visitors, and members. Onboard your people with a smartphone ID badge and send them messages, updates, and offers more easily. You'll improve communication and engagement, guaranteed.

Virtual Badge: Communicate With Your People More Easily

Coordinating with your people for events, deals, and really anything else can be extremely difficult, especially using traditional methods. Group texts and mass emails just won't cut it for 2019. That's why Virtual Badge was designed to upgrade communication. Easily communicate with the people in your organization with Virtual Badge.

  • Issue Virtual Badges To Your Employees, Customers, and More
  • Use the Virtual Badge Control Center To Send Messages
  • Your Badge-Holders Will Receive Announcements From Your Organization

How Do I Use This in The Real World?

In Healthcare

Send announcements more easily to vendors, employees, and even the people who are visiting your facilities.

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For Contractors

Virtual Badge provides logged communication between the different organizations that you are working with.

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In Construction

A site-wide announcement is easier to make with Virtual Badge, and you'll know that everyone received it.

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