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Digital ID Badges Stop Communication
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Virtual Badge Upgrades Internal & External Messaging Capabilities For Your Organization

Virtual Badge upgrades communication between your employees, customers, contractors, visitors, and members. Because your organization can send any badge-holder a message, update, alert, or offer, you can avoid the annoyances of sending group texts, looking up contact information, or making phone calls.

  • Enter the Basic Applicant Information
  • Capture Consent
  • Take a Selfie Photo
  • Upload a Photo of Government-Issued ID Card
  • Submit Application
  • Virtual Badge Issued If Identity Positively Matches

How Can Identity Validations Help Me?

How Do I Use This In The Real World?

  • For Healthcare

    Send announcements more easily to vendors, employees, and even the people who are visiting your facilities.

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  • For Contractors

    Virtual Badge always provides logged communication between the different organizations that you are working with.

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  • For Construction

    A site-wide announcement is easier to make with Virtual Badge, and you'll know that everyone received it.

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