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The Virtual Badge Mobile App Means No Lost ID Badges, No Long Lines, & No Expensive Hardware

Virtual Badge is an identity management system that lets managers create, manage, revoke, and expire ID badges on demand. Digital ID badges are simple to use and do not require expensive hardware like a normal badge printer system. By using cloud-based ID badges, organizations can avoid the pitfalls of lost ID badges and needing to arrive on-location to get an ID badge or waiting for the badge in the mail. With Virtual Badge, your organization can turn creating ID cards into something fast and simple, not slow and complicated.

  • Download The Virtual Badge App
  • Register Your Account
  • Apply For A Badge From Your Organization
  • Take A Selfie Photo
  • Complete Any Required Information Or Upload Documents
  • Admins Review Your Badge Application & Approve Or Deny It
  • When Your Virtual Badge Is Approved You Can Use It Immediately
  • Your Virtual Badge Will Have An Expiration Date Or Admins Can Revoke It

How Can Cloud-Based ID Badges Help My Organization?

How Do I Use Cloud-Based ID Badges In The Real World?

  • For Vendor Management

    Instantly issue ID badges to contractors as soon as they're hired, even if they are located across the country.

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  • For Memberships

    Make it easier to tell who is a current member of your organization, because they’ll have a digital ID badge.

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  • For Businesses

    Connect digital ID badges to your existing HR systems and instantly create or expire ID badges with our API.

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