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Digital ID Badges Make The Job-Site Safer Because Everyone Can Report Safety Issues

Virtual Badge lets any worker participate in safety management while on-site. Managers can upload their safety forms and any badge-holder can submit them while in the field. Safety forms are time, date stamped, geocoded, tied to the submitter’s ID, and available to managers in real-time. Virtual Badge was designed to let everyone participate in safety management and helps keep managers “in the know” for any job-site they’re assigned to.

We at Virtual Badge know that reducing the Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) is one of the most important safety metrics on a construction site. Sometimes TRIR can be referred to as the OSHA incident rate or the Total Case Incident Rate. TRIR calculations measure the previous year's worth of OSHA recordable incidents, and the average for all types of construction is 3.1. That means 3.1 recordable injuries, accidents, or incidents each year.

In the construction field, each injury can cost a company on average up to $13,653 in fines for the OSHA violation, up to $42,000 of costs per individual case, and a cascading effect due to schedule slippage. All in all, each incident can cost more than $100,000 in real costs and potentially millions in insurance premiums.

With Virtual Badge powering your job-site's safety and risk program, you'll be in full control, with all the tools necessary to reduce your TRIR to zero. That's why our clients love using Virtual Badge.

  • Admins Upload Safety Forms Into Virtual Badge
  • Virtual Badge-Holders Can Report Safety Issues Via Forms
  • Safety Forms Are Time & Date Stamped, Geocoded & Tied To Submitter
  • Admins Can Instantly See Safety Issue & Assign Corrective Actions
  • Admins Can Create Reports Based On Safety Data

How Can Mobile Safety Reporting Help My Job-Sites Be Safer?

How Do I Use This In The Real World?

  • For Vendor Management

    Get contractors involved in keeping your job-sites safe, by letting them easily report any issues.

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  • For Background Checks

    Have instant access to safety issues across every job-site, and immediately respond to fix any problems.

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  • For Schools

    Improve the safety and security of any restricted area and always know when an issue arises.

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