Use Digital IDs For Better Safety Issue Reporting

Improve Safety On-Site Because Every Worker Can Report An Issue

Digital IDs make the job-site safer because everyone, not just management, can report safety issues in real-time.

Safety management can be really tough, especially on a huge site and if everything is recorded with pen and paper. Knowing where issues are and if they've been followed-up on or not can cause huge headaches and possibly even large fines or costly audits. Sometimes, workers can't even report on an issue because there's not a paper form handy or only managers have access to the software. Collecting field data and then processing it properly is time-consuming and tedious. It’s difficult for managers to read bad handwriting on job details, surveys, or customer requests, and that can lead to late or missed service and internal problems.

Virtual Badge was designed to let everyone participate in safety management and keeps managers "in the know" for any job they're working on. Any badge-holder can submit a safety issue or great catch form, which is available to managers in real-time, where they can assign a corrective action or fix the problem themselves. When a badge-holder submits a form, managers can see it instantly, and it’ll be time/date stamped, geo-coded, and tied to the ID of the submitter. Get your whole job-site involved in safety management by using Virtual Badge.

  • Admins Upload Safety Forms Into Virtual Badge
  • Virtual Badge-holders Can Submit Safety Issues While in the Field
  • Safety Forms Are Time & Date Stamped, Geocoded and Tied to the Submitter's ID
  • Admins See Safety Issues Instantly & Can Assign Corrective Actions
  • Admins Can Create Reports Based on Safety Data

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How Do I Use This In The Real World?

In Healthcare

Improve safety and security at your healthcare facilities by letting everyone participate in safety reporting.

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For Contractors

Get contractors involved in keeping your work-sites safe, by letting them instantly submit issues & problems.

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In Construction

Have instant access to safety issues across every job-site, and immediately respond to fix any problems.

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