Gain Situational Awareness Through Your ID Badges

The Virtual Badge mobile app connects your field workers with your back-office to provide instant situational awareness for your organization

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Digital ID Cards Increase Situational Awareness For More Efficient Operations

Losing money because you don’t know what’s going on across the business is a sinking feeling. Knowing what’s happening can mean a wide variety of things, such as knowing when a job is completed, if there are any outstanding issues, and if clients are complaining or are happy with service. When this information flows from bottom to top via phone calls, emails, and pen and paper, issues can slip through the cracks or it might be too late to respond properly once you’re aware something happened.

Businesses need real-time situational awareness so they can operate at peak efficiency. That’s why Virtual Badge is designed to give managers and stakeholders peace of mind because they are always aware of important issues, requests, or problems. Any job report, request form, or maintenance log can be put into Virtual Badge and when a badge-holder submits it, managers will instantly have access. From there, tasks can be assigned or a message can be sent back to the worker. All information submitted by Virtual Badge is time/date stamped, geocoded, and tied to the submitter’s ID.

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Connect your field workers to your back-office with smart badges that let your organization know who is doing what, where, and when. Gain situational awareness from knowing when clients request service and when your workers finish their jobs. Improve your efficiency by sending updates, messages, and tasks to your field workers. Virtual Badge helps organizations finish more work with fewer resources.

  • Issue Virtual Badges To Workers, Clients, & Visitors
  • Badge-Holders Can Collect Mobile Data & Receive Tasks
  • Clients Can Submit Requests For Help Or Service
  • Admins See Requests Instantly & Can Task Workers
  • Admins Can See Badge-Holder Activities

What Kind Of Situational Awareness Can Digital ID Cards Provide?

How Do I Use This In The Real World?

  • For Businesses

    Let security and maintenance know exactly what's going on so they can respond to any issues at your facilities immediately.

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  • For Contractors

    Instantly know if your contractors need help, and easily send them instructions or a task, all from your smartphone.

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  • For Construction

    Don't worry about bad things happen if you've left the job-site, because you'll know if anything goes wrong.

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