24×7 Situational Awareness For Your Organization

Virtual Badge Is Your Eye In The Sky

The Problem With Situational Awareness Today

Do you know what it's like when an issue goes unrecognized at your business? It doesn't usually turn out well, does it? Sometimes, issues do get recognized, but there isn't a system or process in place to take care of it. What if you and your supervisors had a way to instantly know when an issue pops up or a problem gets noticed? Would your customer support improve and could your organization be more efficient?

Imagine being connected to your people, projects, and tasks at any time. What if any time a worker has an issue, their supervisor can see it immediately and can help fix the problem? Virtual Badge helps organizations improve situational awareness so they can become more productive and efficient. Improve your accountability, customer service, and ability to respond to requests and issues with 24 x 7 awareness provided byVirtual Badge.

Virtual Badge: Always Know What's Going On

It can be really difficult to manage personnel or a project if you can't immediately see important information, such as client requests, completed jobs, complaints, or work related issues. Virtual Badge makes managers' lives easier because they can instantly respond to issues, assign tasks, and communicate with their badge-holders.

  • Issue Virtual Badges To Workers, Clients, & Visitors
  • Badge-Holders Can Collect Mobile Data & Receive Tasks
  • Clients Can Submit Requests For Help Or Service
  • Admins See Requests Instantly & Can Task Workers
  • Admins Can See Badge-Holder Activities

How Do I Use This In The Real World?

In Healthcare

Let security and maintenance know exactly what's going on at every one of the facilities in your healthcare network.

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For Contractors

Instantly know if your contractors need help, and easily send them instructions or a task, all from your smartphone.

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In Construction

Don't worry about bad things happen if you've left the job-site, because you'll know if anything goes wrong.

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