Virtual Badge For
Quicker Onboarding

Use Digital IDs To Onboard Your People
And Collect The Information You Require

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Onboard Your People & Issue Them An ID Badge Faster Than Any Traditional System

Onboard new employees, contractors, members, and more by using the Virtual Badge mobile app and make it far easier to collect information and issue an ID badge. By using mobile ID badges, organizations can avoid the pitfalls from traditional systems, such as printing & mailing badges, running out of supplies, and collecting massive amounts of paperwork. Virtual Badge skips these problems because onboarding can be fully mobile and remote, saving precious time for everyone involved.

  • Download The Virtual Badge App
  • Create Your Account
  • Request A Badge From Your Organization
  • Take A Selfie Photo
  • Upload Any Required Documentation Or Licenses
  • Admins Can Approve Or Deny Badge Requests
  • When Issued Your Virtual Badge Can Be Used Immediately
  • Your Virtual Badge Will Expire At The Given Date
  • Admins Can Revoke Your Badge Through The Mobile App

How Can Mobile Onboarding Plus ID Badges Help Me?

How Do I Use This In The Real World?

  • For Vendor Management

    Manage a remote contractor force more efficiently and get those workers on the job more quickly than ever before.

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  • For Construction

    Make your HR department’s job easier because they’ll always know that every worker has been onboarded and badged.

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  • For Healthcare

    Onboard and issue badges to vendors, contractors, and visitors to improve security, compliance, and safety.

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