Eliminate Change Order Disputes By Reporting Issues

Virtual Badge Protects Your Organization From Financial Surprises When What Happens In The Real World Doesn’t Match The Project Plan

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Use Digital IDs To Report Issues As They Happen &
Don’t Get Let Lost Emails & Forgotten Phone Calls Cost Your Organization

Virtual Badge lets any worker participate in safety management while on-site. Managers can upload their safety forms and any badge-holder can submit them while in the field. Safety forms are time, date stamped, geocoded, tied to the submitter’s ID, and available to managers in real-time. Virtual Badge was designed to let everyone participate in safety management and helps keep managers “in the know” for any job-site they’re assigned to.

  • Admins Upload Safety Forms Into Virtual Badge
  • Virtual Badge-Holders Can Report Safety Issues Via Forms
  • Safety Forms Are Time & Date Stamped, Geocoded & Tied To Submitter
  • Admins Can Instantly See Safety Issue & Assign Corrective Actions
  • Admins Can Create Reports Based On Safety Data

How Can Mobile Safety Reporting Help My Job-Sites Be Safer?

How Do I Use This In The Real World?

  • For Vendor Management

    Get contractors involved in keeping your job-sites safe, by letting them easily report any issues.

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  • For Background Checks

    Have instant access to safety issues across every job-site, and immediately respond to fix any problems.

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  • For Schools

    Improve the safety and security of any restricted area and always know when an issue arises.

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