ID Cards Improve Compliance Management For Better Risk Mitigation

Use Digital IDs To Make Regulatory Compliance Easier To Manage

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Manage Regulatory Compliance For Multiple Projects Across Different Regions With Virtual Badge

Digital ID badges are a solution that helps HR managers manage state and federal regulatory requirements. Virtual Badge makes collecting and tracking documentation and licenses for employees, contractors, and other staff much easier because each badge-holder’s profile contains a list of attached credentials that can be updated instantly through a mobile app. Improve your organization’s ability to enforce compliance with digital ID badges.

  • Admins Create A Custom Onboarding Process
  • Workers Download The Virtual Badge App
  • Workers Register Their Accounts & Request Their ID Badges
  • Workers Take Their Selfie Photo & Upload Required Documentation
  • Admins Verify Uploaded Documents & Issue Or Revoke ID Badges
  • Virtual Badge Tracks Documentation Expiration Dates
  • If A License Or Document Expires, Their Virtual Badge Will Deactivate
  • When Documentation Has Been Updated, Their ID Badge Will Reactivate

What Types Of Documentation Can I Track With Digital ID Badges?

How Do I Use This Capability In The Real World?

  • For Healthcare

    Automatically keep track of required documentation and health credentials for anyone who works in your facilities.

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  • For Contractors

    Make sure that every contractor has agreed to either the site rules or to your workplace safety plan.

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  • For Construction

    Enforce compliance at the job-site by requiring workers to upload their certifications before they arrive.

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