Time & Location Tracking Made Easy

Skip Paper Time Cards With Virtual Badge

The Problem With Time Tracking Today

Tracking worker time can be a big issue that can lead to bigger problems down the line. Paper time cards are error-prone, annoying, and 1970's technology.
Dealing with worker timecard disputes only leads to problems. Did someone forget to clock themselves in or out? Re-entering information into payroll software can be really annoying and often, it's next to impossible to verify if the hours are even correct. Human errors in time tracking can kill morale and cost big bucks.

Virtual Badge was designed to give managers peace of mind related to time tracking and attendance. Have a guard scan workers' Virtual Badges as they enter and leave the site, or let Virtual Badge automatically scan workers in based on their GPS location. It's way easier for workers and managers, with time logs being produced with just the click of a button. Spend less time on administration and timecard disputes by using Virtual Badge today.

Virtual Badge: Track Worker Time More Easily

Digital badges help organizations gain visibility on their workers and what's going on. Don't worry about people forgetting to clock-in anymore and timesheet disputes can be a thing of the past, thanks to Virtual Badge.

  • Workers Register For Virtual Badges
  • Admins Setup GeoFences or Assign Guards at Job-Sites
  • Workers Arrive For Work
  • Guard Scans Virtual Badges / Badges Get GPS Checked-In
  • Workers Leave Job-Site & Are Checked Out
  • Virtual Badge Records Time On-Site Per-Worker
  • Admins Can Download Daily Time Log Reports

How Do I Use This In The Real World?

In Healthcare

Improve security because managers have access to daily visitor logs that show how long people were on-site.

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For Contractors

Prevent time tracking disputes with contractors and make it easier to know who did how much work.

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In Construction

Managers can easily produce a daily man-count and hours log for each job-site their organization works at.

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