ID Badges For Tracking Time

Virtual Badge issues ID cards that automatically track worker time

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Track Time With Your Digital ID Badges

Track time on-site by using the Virtual Badge mobile app and make it easier to collect time cards and determine how much each worker should be paid. With digital IDs, time can be tracked as soon as a worker arrives on-site, and this information is always available to be sent to stakeholders, including attendance logs, man-count reports, and reports showing overall hours worked. Virtual Badge eliminates problems caused by paper time cards and makes it easier for everyone to record their hours on the job.

Have you ever had time discrepancies between what was reported and either what you saw or what the customer said? How difficult is it for your organization to verify this information? How much time does the extra effort cost you and could your team be doing something more valuable?

Nobody in their right mind wants to deal with time tracking issues and disputes. Get in front of these problems, because with Virtual Badge, your team can do both contractor time tracking and job costing. With Virtual Badge, every contractor can track their time automatically, which results in a time-log that can be generated as soon as the job is done.

Virtual Badge offers these time tracking capabilities:

1) Each Virtual Badge has a QR code that can be scanned into either a job-site or a task

2) Virtual Badge-holders can “self” check-in/out of a particular job-site or task

3) A GPS-based “geofence” can be setup to automatically clock workers in or out

  • Workers Arrive On-Site
  • Workers Open Their Virtual Badge QR Code
  • Supervisor Can Clock Workers’ Virtual Badges In & Out
  • Workers Can Clock Themselves In & Out
  • GeoFences Can Automatically Clock Workers In & Out
  • Virtual Badge Records Time On-Site For Each Worker
  • Admins Can Download & Share Time Log Reports For Any Worker

How Can Time Tracking With Digital IDs Help Me?

How Do I Use This In The Real World?

  • For Memberships

    Gather stats on event attendance, track volunteer hours, and know which members are the most engaged.

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  • For Contractors

    Prevent time tracking disputes with contractors because Virtual Badge tracks the hours that were worked.

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  • For Construction

    Managers can easily produce a daily man-count and hours log for any of the job-site they manage.

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