Virtual Badge For
Visitor Management

Use Digital ID Cards To Control
Facility Access More Easily

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Digital ID Cards Upgrade Visitor Management & Improve Security

Virtual Badge makes managing and controlling facility access easier for security managers. With digital ID cards, visitors can pre-register and management will know who they are visiting, when they’ll arrive, and what they want to do at your facilities. Temporary digital IDs improve security by tracking visitors track when they enter and letting security communicate with any visitor while they are on-site. Improve visitor management today with Virtual Badge.

  • Pre-Register People Who Visit Your Facilities
  • Issue Temporary ID Cards For Visitors
  • Know Who They Are, When They'll Arrive, And Who They'll See
  • View Badge-Holder Locations While On-Site
  • Create Daily Visitor Logs That Show Time On-Site
  • Improve Safety, Security, and Record Keeping

How Can Digital ID Cards Help Me With Visitor Management?

How Do I Use This In The Real World?

  • For Healthcare

    Issue badges to visitors and know who they'll see, when they'll arrive, and where they are while on-site.

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  • For Contractors

    Know how long contractors stay on-site at each location they perform service at, and prevent time disputes.

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  • For Construction

    Manage visitor access to multiple job-sites more easily and know when VIPs will arrive and what they'll want to do on-site.

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