Visitor Management: Simplified

Control Access More Easily With Virtual Badge

The Problem With Visitor Management Today

Is it important for your organization to know who enters and leaves your facilities? Do you have issues with managing visitors, knowing when they'll arrive, who they'll visit, and more? Managing badges and controlling access to your facilities can be a very difficult task, with safety and security consequences if not done correctly. Traditional systems take so much time to manage properly, so there has to be a better way to manage access, right?

Imagine being able to manage access to your facilities from anywhere. Virtual Badge helps you to know who entered and left your facilities. At any time, you can contact and manage your badge-holders from your smartphone. Issue badges quickly, track access simply, and manage your people easily with Virtual Badge.

Virtual Badge: Visitor Management On Smartphones

Know who will be visiting your facilities, when they'll be arriving, and who they will be seeing. Improve safety and security because you'll be in the know with Virtual Badge.

  • Pre-Register People Who Visit Your Facilities
  • Know Who They Are, When They'll Arrive, And Who They'll See
  • View Badge-Holder Locations While On-Site
  • Create Daily Visitor Logs That Show Time On-Site
  • Improve Safety, Security, and Record Keeping

How Do I Use This In The Real World?

In Healthcare

Issue badges to visitors and know who they'll see, when they'll arrive, and where they are while on-site.

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For Contractors

Know how long contractors stay on-site at each location they perform service at, and prevent time disputes.

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In Construction

Manage visitor access to multiple job-sites more easily and know when VIPs will arrive and what they'll want to do on-site.

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