Full Service HR Software & Consulting Packages

Virtual Badge and HRBoost have partnered to provide mobile-based, first class HR services for today’s workforce - a "one stop shop" for your HR needs.

HRBoost + Virtual Badge Provide A Full Range of Human Resource Services On Your Mobile Phone

We offer a full range of HR services on both a consulting and outsourced basis.

Our solutions are based on strategic HR leadership and the latest thinking in the field of human resource management, and they are powered by the Virtual Badge platform, which makes managing your people, policies, and procedures simple and easy.

  • Custom HR Solutions

    We understand that every business is different. This means that the HR strategy for your business should be tailored to the specific needs of your company and your employees.

    Our professionals will help create and implement an HR strategy from scratch that aligns with your business strategy. We will consult with you while forming the strategy to understand and integrate your human resources needs and we will remain an active part of your business.

    We are not simply there for you to call when there is a problem, we are in your business, proactive and even present in your office.

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  • Mobile HR Management Software

    We use the Virtual Badge mobile software to make HR accessible and available to every one of your workers.

    The Virtual Badge system works as an HRIS, with both a repository of HR policies, procedures, compliance, and regulatory data, but also as a visual display that any worker can use to show their active compliance, and as a tool for requesting & processing forms like requesting PTO, completing COVID19 forms, and onboarding new hires.

    The Virtual Badge app is designed to make HR management easier and lets the whole team work remotely.

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  • HR Shared Services

    As a shared service organization, HRBoost serves our clients with an HR team of experienced professionals who understand the needs of your business.

    We will share the accountability of the results and ensure they are delivered according to the defined strategy and budget of the client. For businesses that are committed to integrating a HR strategy and for the price of a single full-time employee, you get an HR department that actually delivers ROI, with a track record of helping companies earn a spot on the Best & Brightest Companies to Work For list.

    We embed talent in your business and have three Tiers to select from (41+Employees), (20-40 Employees), (10-20 Employees). Typical Shared Service clients are 50 to 250 employee organizations, though we have retainer with as few as 10 employees and as many as 500.

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We Build HR Departments To Align With Your Business Strategy & Provide You With A Dedicated Team For The Price Of One Person!

Whether you think you are investing in HR or not, we can show you how it hits your bottom line.

Your HR department deserves to be a profit center.

  • A La Carte HR Services

    Need HR Advisement NOW? We provide services for reactive needs or proactive initiatives that require seasoned HR practitioners. Maybe you don’t have the budget or the need for more? No problem! We are here to help on an hourly basis. We even offer a monthly Phone Client program for those that just want to phone a friend and yes, we mean a friend! You will get a Dedicated Team whether you are an à la carte client or not.

    Some of our Standard HR Forms include: Job Application, New Hire Checklists, Employee Bio Forms, Direct Deposit Authorization, Offer Letters, Property Acceptance Forms, Termination Letters, Weekly Evaluation Forms, Performance Reviews, Manager Reviews, Team Member Discussion Guides, and more.

    Additional à la carte services can include: Core Value Surveys Facilitated to Core Values, Employee Handbooks, Multi State Employer Handbooks, Job Analysis / Descriptions & FLSA Guidance, Culture Metrics Facilitated by Culture Coaches, Compensation Benchmark Data, and Recruiter On Demand Services.

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  • COVID19 HR Services

    Do you have COVID-19 policies in place? We have ready-to-deploy policies available through our COVID-19 Business Bundle for employers. A policy statement is necessary and we have designed one to address federal law and current guidelines specific to FFRCA. This law pertains to employer obligations under the new Paid Sick Leave law and Emergency Family Medical Leave law.

    Streamline your organization’s response to the current crisis with our COVID-19 Business Bundle. Documentation guidance has been provided by the DOL and the IRS. We recommend a standardized process that is consistent and in accordance with the guidance that has been published. We will include a free consultation so you understand your new employer obligations in the workplace. Employees will be looking to you for a proactive management. Purchase Now for a onetime fee of $149!

    Each Bundle Contains:
    - Health Care Provider Certification (Form)
    - Infectious Disease Control Policy
    - Notice of Workplace Exposure to a Communicable Disease
    - When An Employee Shows Symptoms or Tests Positive for COVID-19 (Instructions)
    - 2020 COVID-19 Related Leaves of Absence Policy
    - Exposure Control Plan
    - FFCRA Instructions
    - FFCRA Leave of Absence (Form)
    - FFCRA Small Business Exemption Checklist
    - Fitness For Duty Certification (Form)
    - Health Care Provider Certification (Care for Family Member Form)

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  • HCM & Payroll Services

    Piecing together HR systems can be expensive, time consuming, and hard to get the right kind of reporting and insight to run and grow your business. When you’re growing and running a business, saving time and money is always on your mind.

    We’ve partnered with Collaboration Software Partners to create a suite of HR solutions that make reporting, payroll, management, onboarding, and so many more tasks simpler and easier: The STAR Solution. And that means you have more time back to do work that really matters for your team.

    STAR is HR Boost’s new system that combines everything in a HRIS (Human Resource Information System), HCM (Human Capital Management), and adds in HRMS (Human Resource management System).

    The STAR Solution Includes:
    - Recruiting / Core HR
    - Benefit Admin / OE
    - Absence Management
    - Compensation
    - Training
    - Workflow
    - Self-Service Reporting
    - Onboarding
    - Performance
    - Position Control
    - Succession
    - Salary Planning
    - Global Analytics
    - Payroll
    - Time & Labor

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Got questions?

Check out the Virtual Badge Frequently Asked Questions to get answers:

Extend The Functionality Of Your ID Badges To Improve HR Management

Most people think of an ID badge as a piece of plastic and don’t realize how identity management plays a critical role in whether a business is successful or not.

Virtual Badge extends the power of ID badges to provide your business with advanced background screening, compliance, and time management capabilities.

  • Background Check / Drug Test Integration

    Most businesses require a background check or drug test when hiring new employees or contractors, and this usually integrated into the company’s HR system. What doesn’t happen is providing that worker with a real-time compliance display.

    In comes Virtual Badge, which can link directly to your company’s background screening, drug testing, or applicant tracking system. Using Virtual Badge’s integrations, organizations can automatically issue digital employee ID cards only if the worker passes their background screening. Workers can then show their real-time compliance by displaying their Virtual Badge. Once the ID badge has been issued, if the worker commits a violation or crime, their badge can be automatically revoked.

    Virtual Badge’s background check & drug test integrations greatly simplify the worker vetting process, resulting in automatic management and risk reduction.

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  • Keep Track of Licenses, Certifications & Policy Attestations

    It can be very difficult for some businesses to keep track of compliance processes, like knowing which workers or contractors have the up to date requirements in order to work. Failures in the compliance arena can cause huge legal penalties and fines if something bad happens or there’s an audit.

    Instead of going crazy by using Excel spreadsheets to manage compliance certifications and training renewal dates, Virtual Badge keeps track of this information automatically. Administrators define requirements and then badge-holders can upload the corresponding document or sign that they have agreed. Virtual Badge provides notifications to both the badge-holder and administrator when it’s time to get a new certification or attest to a new policy.

    With Virtual Badge doing certification management automatically, HR managers can spend less time worrying about compliance and more time helping their workers.

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  • Track Time & Attendance

    Traditional time tracking systems often cause problems for businesses because of things like illegible handwriting, calculation errors, and fraud. In fact, 44% small businesses have reported that their biggest issue is timesheet errors, and since labor is often the driver for these types of organizations, this can cause huge problems.

    Eliminate these types of problems by letting digital ID badges track worker time. Virtual Badge offers three ways for businesses to easily track time with Virtual Badge:

    1) Each badge has a QR code that can be scanned in or out by a supervisor with the VB mobile app

    2) Each badge-holder can be allowed to self initiate their clock-in or out

    3) GPS based geofences can be setup at each job-site to automatically check-in/out badge-holders

    Learn more about how Virtual Badge can automate time tracking and reduce errors.

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The Future of Identity Management

The world's first smartphone ID system is your passkey to everything. Simple, safe, and secure, Virtual Badge elevates identity management for your organization. Eliminate onboarding headaches, immediately improve compliance, and empower your badge-holders with additional capabilities no plastic ID card can offer.

  • Mobile Onboarding & Badging
  • HR System Integration
  • Credential Storage & Certificate Validation
  • Background Screening Integration
  • Job-Site Time & Location Tracking
  • Visitor Management
  • Messaging & Alerts
  • 1099-Compliant Contractor Payments

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