Faster Field Service With Virtual Badge

Mobile Management Gets Jobs Done More Efficiently

Perform Faster Field Service With Virtual Badge

If your bottom lines depend on getting work done, the last thing you need is a worker getting lost. With Virtual Badge, you can track and task your workers in the field right from your office. Say goodbye to late work that hurts your bottom line, especially when they're avoidable.

When doing fieldwork, it's important for your people to know what they're supposed to be doing. Virtual Badge tells your workers where they're going and when they need to be done. We created Virtual Badge so your back-office is in direct contact with your workers. You'll be able to perform faster field service thanks to improved efficiency.

Field Service Is More Efficient With Virtual Badge

Connect your field workers to your back-office with smart badges that let your organization know who is doing what, where, and when. Gain situational awareness from knowing when clients request service and when your workers finish their jobs. Improve your efficiency by sending updates, messages, and tasks to your field workers. Finish more work with fewer resources thanks to Virtual Badge.

  • Issue Virtual Badges To Field Workers & Contractors
  • Workers Record Job Data Via Mobile Forms & Surveys
  • Admins Review Data & Assign Tasks If Necessary
  • Workers Receive Tasks To Their Virtual Badge
  • Completed Tasks Are Logged By Virtual Badge
  • Admins Can View Who Completed The Task & How Long It Took

How Do I Use This In The Real World?

In Healthcare

Get maintenance, janitorial, and other job tasks completed more quickly because workers always know what they need to do.

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For Contractors

Avoid using pen and paper when managing multiple groups of contractors and their associated jobs.

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In Construction

Make it way easier to manage work tasks on-site because managers will always know when a job is completed.

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