Home healthcare in the time of COVID19


The events of the currently unfolding coronavirus pandemic, and its ramifications for our businesses, institutions, and lives, require little introduction. As of right now, businesses and organizations are facing unique challenges that are forcing them to change their procedures. These challenges are coming above (government injunctions), from below (the safety needs of customers and clients), and within, as managers grapple with finding best practices and ensuring that operations can continue.

We here at Virtual Badge have been receiving numerous, urgent requests for our services during this time. We would like to take this time to outline critical ways that we can help your organization meet these challenges, and continue to operate safely and effectively- in particular- in the soon to be overburdened field of home healthcare.

Identifying the home healthcare workforce

At a time when emotions are running high, it’s easy for mistrust to creep in. Remote healthcare providers may be providing critical care for high risk patients, in home visits for the elderly, and help and supplies for those who are under self-quarantine protocols as a result of COVID19. All of these at-risk groups need to be able to trust that they can correctly identify company reps and remote workers. It is important that in-home patients, particularly elderly populations, have no reason to be afraid or deny service for any reason.

It’s also possible that remote healthcare workers may eventually need to identify their credentials to government authorities as they travel to their patients, should stricter governmental policies emerge.

At the same time, home healthcare agencies are facing unique challenges in identifying workers. As supply chains are shuttering, and Amazon is now restricting deliveries for all but the most essential supplies, badging hardware is becoming difficult to find. Healthcare providers are now anticipating the need for a surge in hires, and will be bringing on board a swell of new temporary workers; these new employees will also need to be correctly identified for the network and authorities, as well as patients who may be used to their usual in-home visit aides. Finally, as networks have several spread out locations, or even locations across multiple states, the issue of distributing physical identifications across the network becomes an unnecessary delay- while time is of the essence.

These constraints introduce an increased need for ID badges, a reduced supply of them, and a significant waste of time. A poor combination for an emergency.

Meeting demand while beating the clock

Virtual Badge is a solution that can meet any level of demand for ID badges, instantly, for home healthcare networks. As a mobile app that stores digital identity on a smart device, Virtual Badge eliminates the need for any and all additional physical hardware. There is no need to acquire printers, card stock, or any additional supplies to produce digital identity- the entire workforce already has the hardware on hand.  In digital format, an unlimited number digital ID badges can be generated for the home healthcare workforce. Any ID badge supply constraints generated by the coronavirus pandemic are completely bypassed by Virtual Badge.

The home healthcare workforce leans heavily towards remote workers, distributed across cities and states. Instead of relying on physical delivery services to outfit the workforce with ID badges, Virtual Badge collapses network distance by allowing every remote worker to download approved digital identity within minutes. The surge of temporary workers, rather than be constrained by onboarding bottlenecks, can undergo rapid onboarding and validation of their digital identities. To a healthcare workforce that needs to be providing critical care under the unique COVID19 time constraint, this rapid onboarding and identification is essential.

We’ll get your home healthcare workforce badged, NOW


Your home healthcare workforce is facing a sudden demand to ID badge and rapid onboard a large number of workers,

You’re experiencing a sudden spike in the standard of identity and trust you need to provide for in-home visits,

You’re wondering how you’re going to ID a spread out, home healthcare, remote workforce,

You’re being stymied by supply chain issues for your ID badge needs,

And especially if you’re under a COVID19 time crunch,

Then give us a call, and we’ll help you Virtual Badge your whole workforce so that you can meet the critical care needs of the day.