Virtual Badge For Taking
Membership Payments

Use Digital ID Cards To Manage Dues
For Membership Organizations

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Take Payments More Easily & Manage Member Dues With Digital ID Cards

Managing membership payments is easy with digital ID cards. Organizations can choose to receive membership payments and can manage renewals through the Virtual Badge app. Members simply pay when they receive their badges, and when it’s time to renew payment they’ll be notified, or else their badge will expire. If your member can show you an active Virtual Badge, their payment is up to date - it’s that easy.

  • Admins Define Payment Terms For Badges
  • Members Download Virtual Badge & Request Badges
  • Members Pay The Their Dues In Virtual Badge
  • Before Renewal Date, Members Will Be Notified
  • If The Member Does Not Renew, Their Badge Will Expire
  • Admins Create Reports Showing Membership Stats

How Do I Use This In The Real World?

  • For Memberships

    Make it quicker and easier for your members to pay their dues & keep up to date with renewals.

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