How The Virtual Badge API Simplifies Badging

How The Virtual Badge API Simplifies Badging

How The Virtual Badge API Simplifies Badging

Learn about the Virtual Badge API & Integration


Managing a traditional badging system is labor intensive and can be a pain for both administrators and badge-holders. For instance, issuing a plastic ID badge usually requires an in person meeting taking up everyone’s time, and revoking a badge usually requires the administrator to chase down the badge-holder.

Virtual Badge API

Virtual Badge helps companies avoid security and risks because the API automatically completes tasks that, if forgotten or done incorrectly, can create big problem downstream.

Software is supposed to help eliminate unnecessary tasks and procedures. That's why we created an API for Virtual Badge so that companies that use HR, workforce management, accounting, and access control software products could automate Virtual Badge functions.

The Virtual Badge API is a REST based API that your team can easily write to.

Currently the Virtual Badge API allows your organization to skip every registration step and instantly create / reject / deactivate ID badges.

Connection to HRIS Systems

Virtual Badge can connect to HRIS systems (Human Resource Information System) as well as HCM (Human Capital Management) systems, which store important employee data.

Virtual Badge lets you create & reject badges based on events in your system, such as hiring, firing, visitor access, and much more.

Simply connect to Virtual Badge via API and decide which employee details to send over when each badge is created.

Virtual Badge currently connects to the following systems:
- SAP Successfactors
- Ultimate Kronos Group
- Workday

Connection to Background Screening Systems

Virtual Badge can also connect to Background Screening and Drug Testing systems, which are used to validate or vet new hires, contractors, volunteers, and more.

Virtual Badge already integrates with the following Background Screening Providers:

- Clearstar
- Sterling Talent Solutions
- HireRight

Connection To Other Systems

Virtual Badge can also connect to many different types of systems that enhance workforce management, compliance management, and access control.

For instance, Virtual Badge can be integrated with on-site facial recognition systems, to detect if a person on property has a valid Virtual Badge.

Virtual Badge can also be integrated with access control technologies, which can allow a badge-holder to unlock and open a door.

Possibilities for integration are nearly endless, so contact us to see how we might be able to integrate digital identity into your existing workflow.