Benefits of Using Virtual Badge in Identity Access and Management


There are many systems for Identity Access and Management (IAM). Virtual Badge has emerged as a popular IAM system. It is a paperless and highly efficient IAM system which makes use of virtual badges to create user identity and authorize and authenticate access to business applications and resources. The key benefits of using Virtual Bade for IAM are as follows:

Integration with HR Systems

Virtual Badge seamlessly allows the badge holders to integrate with the HR systems. Once the staff receive the virtual badge, they can download it and use it to log in. The badge will then be automatically linked to the company’s HR systems.

Storing Credentials

Specific jobs require particular type of skills and credentials for staff to be put on those jobs. It is difficult to keep tab of the specific credentials of each staff and not doing so can result in non-compliance leading to severe fines and regulatory actions. Virtual Badge allows the staff to upload their credentials during the onboarding process itself. Credentials are then tied to the badge holders and the managers can assign them specific jobs based on their credentials ensuring complete regulatory compliance.

Visitor Management

Not many organizations have a fully-automated and efficient visitor management system. It is a cumbersome task to schedule the visitors and tracking their stay. Using physical badges for identity creation of visitors is risky as old badges can be used to gain unauthorized entry. Virtual Badge provides an effective solution to visitor management by creating virtual identity of the users and issuing them a virtual badge. The visitors can download the virtual badge on their mobile and show it to the security for entry. Virtual Badge can do automatic and GPS check-in and check-out for visitors. The virtual badge created for the user automatically expires after the visit is over so that it cannot be used again for gaining entry to the premises.

Effective Communication Channels

Effective and open communication channels are key to success for any business. Virtual Badge provides distinct identity to each individual badge holder. The managers can communicate individually with badge holders and also have the flexibility of communicating with the entire organization. Virtual Badge is the secure storage house of the contact information of the organization. Managers can also send custom forms and surveys to specific individual identities using the Virtual Badge platform. Data can be collected in time stamped and GPS formatted form which enables to cut down the service time to clients and improve the service quality.