The Way It Used To Be

The internet used to be a much more anonymous space. People were able to hide their identity and use pseudonyms and false information much more easily than today. As online services and social media continue to grow, digital identification and verification have never been more important. With the industry at large moving towards requiring ways to verify documentation and identities over the internet, verification as a service is a growing trend.

What does that mean?

Verification as a Service is a way to digitally validate different types of identity documentation and other certifications, credentials, and skills. For instance, as many as 58% of hiring managers have caught lies on job applications, including false places, employment claims, degrees achieved, and licenses held. When a person’s competency for a job or other position must be verified, verification as a service is a way to reduce costs and inaccurate information.

Where does Virtual Badge come in?

Virtual Badge can provide verification as a service for a wide variety of industries and use-cases. On a basic level, identity documentation can be verified, such as driver’s licenses, passports, and other government identification, which can lower the risk profile for hiring managers and general contractors. It’s also possible to validate social aspects of a person, including networks they belong to, their correct phone number, email address, and even if their photo matches. On a deeper level, verification as a service can be applied to a wide variety of professional licenses, certifications, and credentials. For example, university degrees can be validated, or state-issued licenses like for a hairdresser or for a general contractor can be looked up).

Verification as a service can provide an additional layer of security and peace of mind to any issued badge. When dealing with clients, it can be of great value to prove that a worker or employee has been authenticated by an authoritative source. This also provides tremendous value back to organizations that use verification as a service, as it becomes a marketable business-feature and also can greatly reduce organizational risk. In short, verification as a service is growing and in an ever-changing digital world, has never been more necessary.