Benefits of Virtual Badging in Workforce Management


Workforce management systems are becoming increasingly popular in companies. They automate the routine manual work and ensure better scheduling of tasks and improve productivity. Virtual Badge is a popular and effective system which delivers more effective workforce management across the organization. The key benefits of using virtual badging for workforce management are provided below:

Efficient Onboarding

Delays between completion of the hiring process and joining of the recruit can hamper the productivity. Virtual Badge seeks to remove this discrepancy by making the entire hiring process more efficient and faster. Once the background checks have been completed, the recruits receive a Virtual Badge which they can download using the mobile application. They can present this Virtual Badge to the concerned contractor or department and join immediately. The management is also notified of the status of the hiring process and joining of the new recruits. This also helps to improve productivity as the new recruits get on the job quickly and without unnecessary delays.

Better Communication Channels

Better communication channels are important for the success of any workforce management system. Virtual Badge provides efficient communication channels by allowing the managers to communicate directly with the badge holders or directly with the entire organization. There is no need to communicate in a group when only individual badge holders have to be contacted. It also lets the managers create customized forms and surveys. It allows the managers to collect time-stamped and GPS formatted data which can help in making informed decisions and improve the quality of service to the end customers.

Effective Credential Management

It is cumbersome to ensure compliance management for each type of work. Non-compliance though can be costly in terms of penalties. Virtual Badge provides the flexibility for the staff to upload their credentials during the onboarding process itself. Specific credentials can be associated with a Virtual Badge and the badge holders and the managers can both be notified when a new credential is required to be uploaded. It cuts down the time taken for compliance management and lets the management work on more important and strategic things.

Efficient Work Tracking

Virtual Badge allows the managers to track the work done by the staff in real time. It eliminates the need to manually prepare and track check-in and check-out sheets by automating the process. Managers can easily track the staff with automated check-in and check-out time on their mobile platforms. They can also track the time spent by the staff on the tasks assigned to them. New tasks along with instructions can also be sent to the staff with completion deadline. Virtual Badge makes the work tracking and management incredibly simple and efficient.